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Woodcarving and remains up to now to one of national kinds of an applied art of the people of our country.

Not any wood is good for a carving. Is better wood of a linden, a maple, an alder, a nut, a beech, a pear, a birch, an oak approaches. The preference is given to a linden, its wood gives in to all kinds of a carving. Viscous, homogeneous for structure of fibres, soft, it is equally well cut up and down fibres, gives in to furnish by almost any way. Traditionally Russian material is also the birch with wood of homogeneous white colour, enough firm and elastic. For a carving with large drawing oak wood is good. .

Distinguish following principal views of woodcarving: flat, openwork, relief and sculptural.

  • Flat woodcarving
  • Openwork woodcarving
  • Relief and sculptural woodcarving
  • the Engraving
  • Incrustation
  • the Burning out
  • Cutting out