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Wood - the most widespread material on our planet. Even in modern industrial housing construction, in housing large-panel building on a share of products from a tree it is necessary more than 20% of all material inputs. And not so cheap as it is considered to be. One cubic metre of business wood of a pine (ton) is more expensive than pig-iron or steel ton. And the oak or other more valuable breeds of a tree at cost do not concede to such materials, as lead, a brass, bronze. It is one of paradoxes of a century of an electricity and chemistry: plastic so quickly won to itself the place in a life, so promptly recedes before a tree. In manufacture of furniture application of plastic is reduced. Buyers, getting even such purely chemical product as linoleum or synthetic wall-paper, prefer drawing "яюф ярЁъх=" "яюф фхЁхтю".

Last years application of natural wood has sharply increased in furnish of new buildings of administrative and cultural and community appointment, though it and udorozhaet building. And people consider this factor not only as aesthetic, but first of all as ecological and not temporary, passing and as constant for to all it is already clear that stocks of the majority of natural materials are not inexhaustible. On their restoration millions years while for completion of stocks of business wood to the nature are necessary all ten, hundred years are required. The second paradox - the worse wood, the better, speech ahead, it concerns only cabinetmakers. .

Annually for needs of a national economy in our country it is cut down millions hectares of wood, thus more than half the rest is restored by the natural way, the nature, - business of cares and hands of the person. The crop of business wood (without boughs, a bark, roots), more than 0,5 billion м3, such abundance is not known by any country of the world. On a place of preparations in lesosekah the cut trees release from boughs. At sawing factories trunks raskraivajut at first on logs and ranges, then saw on bruski and boards. State standards establish the strict sizes and requirements to each kind of saw-timbers. Joiners-professionals should know well gosty. We will be limited only to the general concepts.