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On wood of firm breeds pile is eliminated tsiklevaniem. Tsiklja-it the thin steel plate, long edges and which sides are in special way ground. The industry lets out tsikli with a piece of iron in width from 30 to 60 mm, fixed in wooden kolodke the screw (fig. 23). When one party of a piece of iron will become blunted, it it is possible to turn and work another. Correctly ground tsiklja removes from wood the most thin shaving, so thin that it there and then dries up and is twisted, kudrjavitsja, reminding astrakhan fur pile.

Tsiklja: 1 - a piece of iron in kolodka; 2 - a piece of iron ground under sharp ugom; 3 - at right angle; 4 - sting formation

1 - a piece of iron in kolodka; 2 - a piece of iron ground under sharp ugom; 3 - at right angle; 4 - sting formation

Zachistka is made only along fibres. TSiklevanie does a surface smooth, even slightly shining, well reflecting light beams. On a surface of soft breeds of wood tsiklja does not cut off pile, and tramples down it, smoothes, as though irons. For zachistki such surfaces apply a skin. .

Tsiklju is necessary periodically, often enough, to sharpen. Do it as follows: at first a piece of iron sharpen from two parties on bruske so that on sides there were no agnails, and the edge and plane corner was to straight lines. Then a piece of iron put on verstachnuju a board, press a clamp or the left hand and a steel core (the edge of the chisel, the ground off file), inclined at an angle 45-50 °, spend some times along an edge, strongly pressing. The sting - a cutting part tsikli is thus formed. Operation repeat on the other hand the same edge, and then on two opposite edges.

In an operating time tsiklju hold two hands under some corner to a surface, strongly press it and conduct along wood fibres on itself. Thus it is necessary to watch, that acute angles of a piece of iron did not scratch a tree, did not break off a fibre. To prevent this trouble, during sharpening right angles of a piece of iron can be rounded off, made slightly oval. .

If zachistke the fresh, just planed wood is subject, it is necessary to humidify it with water, having wiped a rag, to allow to dry out well and only after that to begin tsiklevanie.

Especially cautiously it is necessary to smooth out tsiklej angular connections, where the fibres directed every which way converge, joined (for example, in frameworks), zachistku these places make along a seam, at an acute angle in relation to a direction of fibres. Zachistka tsiklej across fibres it is inadmissible.

Good results gives fair vystragivanie corners and svilevatoj wood special planes: shliftikom and a face plane. SHliftik is "фтющ-эшёюъ" with truncated kolodkoj, it removes very thin shaving thanks to narrow flight in a sole and to the increased corner of an additive of a piece of iron. The second tool differs from shliftika only that the piece of iron is established at an angle to a lateral wall of a plane, and the crack for its exit on a sole is located obliquely. It too cuts off very thin shaving, is convenient for zachistki end faces. .

But also after processing by these tools of end faces the last necessarily glue, impregnate with very liquid joiner's glue.

Under production conditions tsiklevku under opaque coverings usually replace with polishing by a skin on tape machine tools.

With the help tsikli from wooden surfaces (a parquet floor, doors, window frames) delete an old paint, a varnish. Process this very labour-consuming, demanding the big physical efforts. To facilitate it, apply some ways of a softening of old oil coverings. .

The Surface of an old paint cover with foil sheet (wrappers from chocolate, tea) and press for some seconds a hot iron. The paint coat becomes so soft that is easily scratched out tsiklej, acts in film a knife, a chisel.

The Old paint layer can be softened following structure: 5 weight parts of water, 3 parts to exhaust and 1 part kaltsinirovannoj soda or potasha. This emulsiju put on a surface and leave for days. Softens even faster and partially dissolves a paint an acetone and gasoline mix.

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