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Transparent furnish of joiner's products

For products from valuable breeds of a tree, and also pasted over decorative plywood and inlaid applies the one and only kind of furnish - transparent.

Distinguish two kinds of transparent furnish of joiner's products - matte and glossy. They are carried out in the various ways and give the chance to receive surfaces from velvet, almost not reflecting light, to mirror, similar to the polished glass.

Technology and sequence of preparation of surfaces under transparent furnish same, as well as for the opaque coverings, only it is necessary to do all operations better, more purely.

The Finished surface should not have some pile at all. It delete by numerous polishing. In the beginning a surface humidify warmed up till 30-35 ° with water. The wrung out sponge or a pure cotton rag quickly spend along fibres, moistening them, and then, in some minutes, - across to lift pile. On a surface should not remain surpluses of water, admissions are inadmissible also. After drying a surface grind a fine-grained skin along fibres, without doing strong pressing on grinding kolodku. Operation of humidifying and polishing for the products which are subject to polishing or a covering by a nitrovarnish, is carried out twice. .

Now it is necessary as it is possible to fill is better a wood time that is very important for shine reception. This process is called mastichenem. A surface by means of a rag, or brushes cover brushes with special first coats (mastics), and then a tampon, is strong on it pressing, fast movements rub structure in wood pores. Surpluses of mastic remove tsiklej, and after drying a product grind very fine-grained skin so that mastic remained only in a time.

The First coat prepare from the beeswax dissolved in turpentine. Wood with a large (deep) time ground some times until the surface does not become absolutely smooth. But on some breeds of a tree even after fivefold mastichenja a time remains appreciable, for example, on wood of an oak with which at all do not polish, and is limited to high-quality varnishing.