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the Tool box

The figurative tool box without which any carpenter, and also the joiner-builder or the repairman does not manage is very convenient in work.

In the high plywood box strongly brought down on laths (length of 350 mm, width of 180 mm, height of 250 mm), keep within all necessary tools. In it there should be a following: nozhovka, a plane, a hammer, a chisel, a screw-driver, a set of nails and screws. And also are necessary: toporik, a ruler, sewed, flat-nose pliers, kusachki. The set of files, a square, a drill, a knife, pencils, a plumb, level, a cord Is required. For the small tool in a box it is necessary to make nests. In the top part of a box across its two plates in width of 40 and 60 mm should be formed jashchichek for nails, pencils and other trifle. .

Carpenters do the handle to a box in the form of bent koromyslom wooden bruska. More conveniently the soft handle, for example, from a tape of flexible plastic or a belt in width to 30 mm, this material strongly attach to face walls of a box. The soft handle will not prevent to use a box as a support for vydergivanija nails from boards, cross-section sawing up of a material. She will not prevent to put on a box a board or a piece of plywood for a marking. The box will replace also a bench if it is necessary to do something at height of two with superfluous metres.