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the Marking of joiner's products

It begin with drawing by means of a square cross-section pencil risok. On the end bruska where there will be a thorn, risks do on all perimetre, on bruske with an eye - only on edges. Thus kolodki razmetochnogo the tool put to face sheets plastej and edges which after planing mark at once with any badge. Joiners-professionals mark face sheets with the longitudinal wavy lines made a simple soft pencil. Only not sharp and not firm that it did not leave on wood the pressed traces, and at all chemical (ink) which can spoil a decorative kind of a surface in the course of furnish. The matter is that the structure of slate pencils of ink pencils includes chemical substance the methyl-violett, one hardly visible to which eye of a grain of sand has enough to paint in violet colour water litre. Traces can be appreciable even after the first painting by whitewash. .

The Length of a thorn should equal to depth of an eye or exceeds it a little, and the width to be the little less than height of cheeks. Therefore a marking begin with alternate overlaying bruskov plastjami against each other at right angle. Pencil risks on the sides, made after alignment of end faces, serve as starting points for a marking a thorn square on all perimetre, and eyes - on edges. The length of a thorn and depth of a nest can be noted and by means of a millimetric ruler. .

At a marking of details for an operation framework combine. At first mark in pairs four thorns which are usually settling down on longitudinal bruskah, then eyes.

Happens that the risks made on all perimetre, on last side do not converge. Why it occurs? If the tool is faultless, it is necessary to check up rulers two planes bruska, which vystragivalis on a marking a surface gauge. But more often discrepancy risok grows out of haste and negligence of a marking. The pencil with a stupid slate pencil leaves too wide trace, and after all if on one side hardly appreciable difference, let us assume, in the two tenth shares of millimetre on last side bruska the divergence can make more than millimetre is admitted.

The light source arrangement during time razmetochnyh works is important, light should fall on the right and a little in front in relation to razmetochnomu to the tool. .

Then start a marking a surface gauge. Usually the thickness of a thorn makes third of thickness bruska, according to it establish directing rulers of a surface gauge. But why two, instead of one which could be made longitudinal risks, putting kolodku a surface gauge alternately to two opposite dies bruska? The matter is that even at, apparently, faultless vystragivanii all preparations on the set sizes in the course of a marking discrepancies of planing can be found out. Therefore a marking a surface gauge as well as any other tool, make, putting it kolodki only to the obverse surfaces of preparations marked with wavy pencil lines. .

Thus the carnation of one directing a surface gauge will defend an edge from kolodki the tool on third of thickness bruska, and the second - on two third. Risks put a surface gauge and on end faces bruskov, it will help to watch correctness propilov in an operating time nozhovkoj. In process zapilivanija it is recommended not once, especially in the beginning, to look and at an underside, in due time to notice a possible deviation of a cloth of a saw from a marking.

The Marking of joiner's connections - the most responsible part of work, an error will necessarily affect during formation of thorns and eyes and will even more be shown during product assemblage. .

Elimination of cracks and warps in one angular connection of two bruskov by means of a chisel - has put idle time, and here to eliminate the same defects in four corners of a framework - very laborious business. It is necessary to try to mark precisely and zapilivat thorns and eyes, without supposing a deviation from risok for elimination of warps of a framework - business labour-consuming, demanding sometimes as much time, how many has been spent for manufacturing of all of four shipovyh connections.

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