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On a summer residence and in a garden

While all councils to the beginning joiner concerned work in the constrained house conditions. Kinds of the hand-made articles, some working methods, a choice of materials and tools were in many respects caused by a modest workplace, modern apartment of an apartment house. But here you have left for the period of holiday in a countryside, on a suburban summer residence, have begun a summer season on a garden site. What open space and unlimited possibilities open before you in employment by the grown fond joiner's business! .

Here after all it is possible and to knock more strongly with a hammer, without giving troubles to neighbours, to work as an axe, a chisel, a chisel, to be engaged in manufacturing of such things which are necessary in a garden, on a kitchen garden, in general in a countryside; to try the forces in plotnichnom business, at last, to apply the electrotool: a circular saw, an electrodrill, elektrofuganok. Thus it is possible to take advantage got in shop or the designed joiner's combine with which help, having only one single-phase electromotor of a household purpose capacity 400 - 600Вт, it is easy to saw, grind, plane, mill, drill wood, to sharpen the tool. .

In the country you will understand that here are necessary not only knowledge on joiner's business, but also an operational experience with a brick and cement, glass and clay, iron and ceramics. After all how many circle of urgent matters!

Can seem that the subsequent our councils at all for the joiner. Certainly, the works connected, for example, with a brick and cement, the expert in this area will better execute. However and building does not do without the joiner. Who will make a timbering for concrete works? Who will make rastvornyj a box? Clearly, this business of the building joiner. But also on a summer residence and on a garden site always it is more than works directly connected with a tree, rather than for metallista, the mason, the tinman, umeltsa in any other area. .

In a garden, whatever small it was, the ladder, even two - ordinary added and a step-ladder of the smaller size is always necessary. Are necessary a bench for rest, small benches for work sitting, on a bed, the cart or a wheelbarrow, a set of the garden tool which half can be made most. The small small stove is useful to burning of a waste and dust.

And if there are children not to do without a sandbox and a huge mushroom-fly agaric under which it is possible to take cover from a rain and direct beams of the sun. .

The Wildlife is loved almost by all children, and they will necessarily demand to build a rabbit-hutch or something similar for a zoocorner.

Will decorate a garden and a small reservoir. Whether yes has a little put for umeltsa, not including such absolutely obligatory, as repair of a summer small house, painting of frames and doors, roof and fencing repairing, the hotbed or greenhouse device.