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Storage of materials

It is possible to find a place In modern apartments for storage of materials. These are the built in cases in lobbies. And in houses of new series vertical pipelines (struts) are located in bathrooms and closed high (from a floor to a ceiling) by cases with dverkami. It, perhaps, most convenient place if to use an inside of a door for a hinged case-shelf.

The Box of such case from plates not less than 10 mm matches in the thickness on type thorns "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=". At their marking it is necessary to consider that loading will have in one direction - from top to down.

Shelves do demountable if necessary to increase or reduce _просвет between them. On edges of shelves it is necessary to make sides, and between them-rejki for all width of a case. It will protect subjects from falling at sharp opening of a door. .

The Back wall - plywood. The case is hung on two ears. Thus, in case of repair of struts the case can be removed, without releasing it from bottles, banok, bottles.

The Case paint any oil paint.