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the Scrap of edges

It is the final process of veneering previous definitive, transparent, furnish of surfaces. Removal of surpluses of plywood (allowances) on edges on all perimetre of a product start only after full drying of glue, not earlier than through 3-4ч. If before veneering the basis was humidified, endurance term increases to 5-б ch.

To the Scrap begin with plywood end faces. If more than 3-4 mm, and a material not friable, edges it is possible to crack an allowance at first, striking on them a chisel plane, and then to cut off an allowance at a small angle that the facet was formed. It is necessary to cut cautiously, without touching a basis edge. .

To Crack plywood on length of fibres risky, especially if edges were badly pasted. A cut a chisel also at a small angle make in a direction of fibres. If fibres are not parallel to an edge, are twisting to cut off an allowance follows alternately from two parties, every time strictly in a direction of fibres. When the chisel edge has touched a basis side, cutting it is necessary to stop, glue an edge, having pulled together with its paper strip, to allow to dry out well and only after that to renew to a scrap.

The interline interval a little is differently cut off. The allowance from different directions along fibres also is across cut off by a chisel or sawn round by a fret saw (at a thickness more than 2 mm) only at right angle. Otherwise its light wood will be appreciable on edges under a layer of more dark decorative plywood. To crack an interline interval also it is impossible: wood will break off on length of fibres.

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