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wood Sawing up

After longitudinal sawing up of logs business wood is subdivided on bruski square section, a board of identical width on all length of a log in the thickness from 30 mm; tes - thin boards in the thickness of 20-25 mm. Sawing factories let out special purpose materials: short round logs of deciduous breeds - the balance serving by the basic raw materials for a pulp and paper industry; a gun carriage intended for manufacturing of railway cross ties; parquet plates - klepku, etc.

In the course of cutting and wood sawing up receive also podtovarnik, logs with the maximum diameter 120-150 mm; gorbyli, used, for example, for the device of fences and overlappings of shoddy constructions.

The Tree of the most valuable breeds not raskraivajut on bruski and boards of the big sections. It concerns such breeds, as an oak, a hornbeam, a maple. And even more valuable - the nut, the Karelian birch, an apple-tree, a box, a pear - in general almost do not give a waste in the form of sawdust as their wood prefer not to saw, and to cut, husk, plane on thin (to 0,5 mm) sheets and plates.

In saw-timbers distinguish right (external) and left (internal) the board parties. At wood drying on a left-hand side closer to a core of a trunk, camber, and on other plane turned to a bark of a tree, - a hollow is always formed. This law speaks aspiration of year rings to be extended - to be straightened, be developed. Each joiner before to stick together in a board two plates or more, necessarily should look at an end face and define the right and left parties. Never it is impossible to forget about property of wood to be jarred on in a certain direction. .

For simplicity we will recede from strict terminology of Gosstandart, and we will agree to name podelochnyj a material with which it is necessary to deal to the house joiner, so: a board - a piece of a board in length no more 2ΠΌ, different width, thickness from 20 to 50 mm; a plate - a thin board in the thickness less than 20 mm and width to 120 mm; a bar - square brusok any section; a lath - rectangular section brusochek in the width to 50-60 mm and thickness to 22 mm; rejka is the lath sawn lengthways on two-four parts.

As to length it depends on the sizes of joiner's hand-made articles. In house conditions, in a small workshop, maximum it is possible to consider 1800-1900 mm that is caused by height of inhabited apartments. The material bolshej lengths at the beginning hardly probable is required.