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furniture Restoration

In old and ancient furniture from time dry out, rastreskivajutsja or the panels made of thin plates are stratified in glutinous seams. If the panel is inserted from within into a groove (quarter) and fixed by shta-peaks repair of work does not represent. It is necessary to remove shtapiki, to take out a panel, again to stick together it, zapressovat in vajmy, and after drying and zachistki glue to put into place. It is more difficult to eliminate a crack in the panel which has been built in in the way "т °яѕэ=". To assort a frame there is no sense, it is possible to damage angular connections bruskov. In this case two ways are possible. To try to shift two dispersed parts of a panel by means of a chisel. A chisel edge deepen on length of fibres edge of a panel at the edge shpunta from the inside serially in different places on a vertical and, slightly inclining a chisel, try to put forward a panel from a groove. If one part of a panel does not move a little, it is necessary to try another. It often is possible, as panels are never inserted in shpunt on glue.

In case of good luck operation repeat after glue is entered into a crack. If to shift a panel it will not be possible, it is necessary to close up a crack the same as cracks in a file. Rejku insert on glue with one, obverse, the parties of a panel or two rejki from two parties. Wood reek should be picked up for colour. On it is long maintained furniture screws badly hold accessories, especially handles. It is possible to replace old screws new, bolshego the size. But it is better to remove accessories, to hammer in apertures from screws wooden stoppers on glue, and then again to screw handles.

In the Different ways it is possible to eliminate spontaneous opening of doors, window leaves, dverok cases, sideboards, kitchen tables. External unprofitable devices in the form of hooks, metal latches, wooden latches, locks and other locks spoil appearance of things, complicate using them. Magnetic latches which are issued by the industry are convenient for this purpose and are available on sale. .

If dverka has not warped and densely adjoins to the case all plane the latch can be established in any convenient place. But if dverka has a rough plane, it is warped, the magnetic latch should be established in a place of less dense adjunction dverki to the case, above or below.

If there are no magnetic or simple mechanical latches-holders, it is possible to try one more means preventing spontaneous opening dverok. It rojalnye loops. Correctly established, they usually well keep shutters in the closed, slightly opened and open position. Also it is necessary to replace with them available furniture loops.