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furniture Repair

Repair of furniture demands the same knowledge of joiner's business, as well as manufacturing of the new. And restoration, that is restoration of an original form of valuable things, and reconstruction (alteration of old and ancient furniture approximately to new style or other application) are feasible only to the skilled cabinetmaker. Here there is not enough ability to plane and saw, it is necessary to show many creative imagination and an ingenuity, that "эютюх" the product has turned out better, more beautifully, more conveniently and more usefully former.

Most often shipovye connections are loosened in chairs. Is useless to try to strengthen joiner's connection by screws, especially nails. The first will serve some weeks, and the nail will immediately split wood of a beech, an oak, a nut and then repair will become complicated. .

If joiner's shipovye connections have dispersed, thorns and eyes should be cleared of old glue, to grease with fresh warmed-up glue and it is good zapressovat in vajmah or clamps. Happens that the thorn too freely sits in an eye then it is necessary to increase it on width or a thickness an interline interval slice. For repair take the same glue what used at manufacturing of a new subject - mezdrovyj or kazeinovyj. They well differ on colour (joiner's glue always more darkly).

Zaklejku maintain in zapressovannom a condition 6-8час. In a warm premise, and in cold - days.

If the chair collected on screws and bolts was loosened, it is necessary to twist nuts, preliminary having enclosed under them or under heads of screws additional metal, plastic or at least cardboard washers. .

At stools and chairs thorns of the forward prolegs located too low sometimes break. If there is a suitable material easier to replace this detail new. But for prolegs from mahogany, a material nut can and not to be. In that case it is necessary to make a new plug-in thorn. Usually the proleg manages to be taken out, having loosened the remained thorn, without destroying other connections.

The Thorn can be made as follows. A leg zapilivajut nozhovkoj, and then of 50-60 mm (fig. 32) choose a chisel a nest depth. The width of a thorn on 5-8 mm is less than width of a proleg, it as though "яюыѕяю=хьюъ" he can be seen in the ready, repaired product only from below if to overturn a chair. .

Repair of chairs: 1 - proleg connection on a slanting fugue; 2 - on a plug-in thorn; 3 strengthening of a thorn

Repair of chairs:
1 - proleg connection on a slanting fugue; 2 - on a plug-in thorn; 3 strengthening of a thorn

Then cut (it is not necessary to plane) an insert of the corresponding size. For it any wood is suitable. The top part of an eye in a chair leg is closed up on glue brusochkom in the thickness in a thorn and width by 5-8 mm. After that assemblage on glue is made: at first in a proleg hammer into an eye the escaped thorn, then in the second eye cleared of old glue, hammer in an insert, and on it from above impose a proleg with a groove. In this place it compress a clamp that connection on glue was as much as possible strong. On this proleg to become feet any more does not follow.

If there is a material of the same breed of a tree it is necessary to replace a proleg completely, having made it of two parts. A proleg with thorns saw at an acute angle nozhovkoj with small teeths, and after installation into place stick together and clamp in a clamp. The length bruska should be more for the width has spent on drink. Junctions after sawing up to smooth out before pasting does not follow. That slanting cuts during time zapressovki did not slide, the joint can be fixed temporarily the nails hammered from the inside. This way is called as connection in a slanting fugue. .

Broken up in places of eyes of a leg of chairs stick together and in addition strengthen short nageljami. In them hammer into the apertures drilled from the inside bruskov, but not through.

Often happens so that chair recently bought in shop starts to be loosened, thorns easily leave eyes. Certainly, it is defect of manufacture: details are made of wood of the raised humidity, negligence of the joiner-collector which has badly greased with glue thorns and eyes. It is discrepancy of machine development of eyes and zapilovki thorns less often. However to bear collapsing chair in a furniture store of sense is not present: the joiner available there anew will collect a chair, without being sorry gluing, but the reason will not eliminate. In a month-other the chair will again be loosened.

The Way to liquidate an original cause is simple, it is accessible to the house joiner. The chair should be disassembled, without applying efforts: it is not necessary to break strong knots. But, where thorns easily leave nests, it is necessary to strengthen as follows. .

The Nest (eye) from below expand with a chisel on 2-3 mm in both parties so that it became not rectangular, but trapezoid. Then in an end face of a thorn of a pro-leg or tsargi do one-two has spent on drink nozhovkoj and insert into them on glue one-two klinyshka in the thickness to 3 mm so that they acted over a thorn end face on 6-8 mm. After that the nest and a thorn grease with glue and connect to the help of a hammer. Thus klinyshki will go deep into prosaws, the thorn will extend, will densely occupy trapezoid deepening of an eye and knot becomes strong enough.

The Big cracks formed in a file and decorative plywood, close up thin rejkami from wood of corresponding colour, its structure and breed of value have no. In a file if the crack has rough, fragmentary edges, it level a chisel, doing thin cuts. On the sizes of a crack prepare an insert, its bottom edge and the ends point, and then densely hammer on glue. A crack in decorative plywood clear away a chisel, coat with glue and insert an edge plywood rejku, smoothing a hammer. Zapressovka in both cases it is unessential.