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furniture Reconstruction

The same as the good tailor will manage to alter the old suit sewed from a sound material, in unrecognizably new, answering to a fashion, and the joiner should manage to reconstruct the product which has bothered to a sight from a tree in a thing new, modern. .

Here a simple example. Round lunch sliding tables for quite some time now began to get out of fashion, furniture factories have stopped their manufacture and have started the production new model of a table with an oval cover. But whether early to throw out "ё=рЁ№щ" a table only because it round? Whether it is impossible to make it "ьюфэ№ь"? It appears, to make it very simply: it is enough to saw off from two opposite sides of a cover two sectors in width on the centre of all in 80-100 mm - and the cover becomes oval. Certainly, cuts it is necessary prostrogat, to remove facets, to smooth out a skin and to varnish.

The Legs of the table which has been pasted over birch or more often with a beechen interline interval in the thickness to 3 mm, it is necessary to smooth out well tsiklej, to paint one of dyes under valuable breed of a tree (black, nut, red) to varnish and raspolirovat. Hardly probable who from your acquaintances learns that it is the former standard round table. .

The Little so-called clothes of mass production are more senior a round table. With one wide dverkoj in branch for a dress and narrow - in linen section. Take away by means of the joiner's tool all left part. Regiments and a box will be useful for small hand-made articles, and cut glass (soldering) - for dverki the future small chemist's locker. Other material (oak plywood) close up a left-hand side of a case which is expedient for adapting now under the book.

The Door panel can be made a waybill, as at dverok a tool locker. It is possible to replace with its glass. The device of shelves for books even for the beginning joiner of the big work will not make. Now about furnish of the case of a bookcase, dverki and a box below.

The Case which has been pasted over with oak plywood which from time has become covered by reddish stains, it is necessary to smooth out carefully tsiklej, to paint in dark colour in the way of superficial dyeing, to varnish, raspolirovat. .

The Door can be made absolutely modern. The doorframe should be smoothed out tsiklej, having removed completely an old varnish covering, and to paste over with decorative plywood of one of valuable breeds of a tree or the simulated birch interline interval. Any plywood with a cross-section arrangement of fibres, and in corners - "эр ѕё".

will be better to look way

It is necessary to replace the Metal handle wooden, it will close also a keyhole. Old naveski it is better to replace new - rojalnymi with loops.

There was a box. It is possible to paste over it with decorative plywood with large textural drawing and with a vertical arrangement of fibres. It is even better to finish rather big area of a forward wall with way of incrustation.

The Average part is pasted over with plywood with a longitudinal arrangement of fibres, and with edges in width to 40 mm - with cross-section, joints in corners do in the way "эр ѕё". Light proveins can have width no more than 5 mm. The average square can be made type-setting. The greatest complexity is represented by profile proveins in the form of one third of circle. There are some ways of manufacturing of preparations: cutting down by means of a steel knife of a corresponding profile; cutting out at once packs of preparations by a fret saw. Thus some pieces of plywood put in a pack and densely compress a clamp or in a vice. On the top and bottom sheets paste a paper on which by means of compasses put a contour of preparations, on it and cut preparations. Under the same radius the angular preparations which have been preliminary stuck together in the way "эр ѕё" are cut also; and also type-setting sheets of an average square. .

Operations can be combined, putting preparations of three kinds in packs separately for each corner.

Even easier a way of a cutting of radiuses scissors on a template made of a dense cardboard or thin plywood. In this case each detail is cut out separately and adjusted in the course of assemblage of drawing by means of a chisel and a skin.

Reconstructing old clothes in a new bookcase, it is possible to alter completely top and a bottom of this thing: to remove eaves, having replaced with its flat thin cover in the form of the framework which have been pasted over from above with simple plywood, and on edges - decorative; completely to remove a bottom together with a box, having replaced its with four short (to 100 120 mm) the legs which have been pasted over with decorative plywood.

Designing. The statistics asserts that people update the furniture on the average every five-eight years. .

After all become unnecessary a piece of furniture it is possible to make something of any another. One thing leaves two-three less, and at hand it appears processed, well dried up and sustained podelochnyj a material.

How the furniture is designed, what laws exist at definition of forms and the sizes of separate subjects? If to mean industrial production except conveniences of using are considered profitability of manufacture, adaptability to manufacture (possibility of mechanisation of processes), even transportability of furniture.

But main, of course, is a convenience, beauty, durability. Requirements to which any joiner should follow, conceived to make something unusual.

The First place belongs to a chair. The inconvenient furniture not only spoils mood, but can become the reason of painful changes in an organism, in particular cause a backbone curvature that it is very important to consider at designing of children's furniture.

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