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the Press

Long since there is a way of veneering "тяЁш=шЁъѕ" excluding necessity zapressovki. A way of gluing "тяЁш=шЁъѕ" consists in the following. On the warmed-up basis greased with glue impose plywood sheet, press it and smooth at first with palms, and then wide (to 80 mm) and heavy (to 3кг) a hammer, since the middle to edges that surpluses of glue were squeezed out. Preliminary a hammer warm up. A hammer conduct along fibres, from the centre to edges. With each pass on all surface pressing strengthen. .

Instead of a hammer it is possible to take advantage of a heavy iron, but then on plywood it is necessary to put a sheet of paper not to soil with glue an iron sole. An iron warm up till 70-80 °. That glue has not thickened prematurely, it is possible to humidify a face sheet of plywood sheet with warm water. Grinding in process ordinary proceeds from 10 to 30 minutes

After the plywood sheet will cease to come unstuck from the basis, on it it is necessary to put cargo for the period of full drying (on 3-4.

In the Way "тяЁш=шЁъѕ" it is easier to paste over edges of products, but in both cases the big skill is required, at the beginning satisfactory results seldom turn out. Where the way zapressovki in clamps is more reliable.

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