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Preparation razmetochnyh pegs

Razmetochnyj stock. The gardener cannot do without every possible kolev and pegs: big and small, thick and thin, direct and with rogulkami on the top end. One are necessary for a marking of territory of a garden, ridges and paths, others - for props under branches of trees and bushes, the third - for podvjazyvanija to them of tomato bushes or bean cultures. During a summer season kolev and pegs some tens is required. It is not necessary to do annually new not to cause a damage to the nearest wood. It is better to make time prepared kolja inventory, suitable for numerous use. Kol, released from a bark and covered with an oil paint, will serve five, six and more years. .

For storage kolev it is necessary to take away a special place, we will admit under eaves of a shed from an East side, whence the wind in a midland seldom brings rain clouds, rains prevail from the north, the northwest, the West and the southwest.

Short razmetochnye pegs in length to 500 mm can be made of direct wood branches in diameter not less than 20 mm or from reek square and rectangular section, in general of a waste material. Pegs it is necessary prostrogat from different directions, to point one end, and on other a chisel or a knife to make notches for a cord, cords, a thin wire. Such pegs (39) should be painted fig. for two times in two contrast colours just as paint signposts on highway or barriers of railway crossings. It is possible to ground whitewash, and cross-section strips after drying of whitewash to put any bright paint.

Garden kamejka

Garden kamejka

Even in a grass, for example, orange pegs are well appreciable. For a marking of ridges, paths and others planirovochnyh works a cord adhere to one of kolev, on it it and reel up. The cord and a cord often should be left in the open air for long time while shoots, for example, will not seem. To prevent cord rotting, it is recommended to impregnate with its drying oil or any other oil. .

Often there is a necessity reliably to note not only a landing place, but also the name, a grade, colour and other distinctive features of a plant. On already growing trunk it is possible to suspend a wooden label with number, an inscription. But how to note places of seeding of rare flower seeds? For these purposes inventory pegs also are suitable, but their top part do in the form of an extending rake. These planes should not be painted over, it is enough to cover with drying oil. Pencil inscriptions on them remain under a rain-all summer. Such pegs can be left and till next spring.