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the Practical advice

(Except profile), and also various ways of an opaque covering it is possible to apply All described receptions of decorative veneering at furnish of a tool case over a workbench. As, as we hope, the house joiner has already got skills obshchestoljarnyh works only separate recommendations about sequence of works, connections, furnish variants are now made. .

The Case (box) of a case of 12-15 mm connected by wide through thorns of type "ырё=юёъшэ §тюё=" do of plates or multilayered kleenoj plywood in the thickness;. Thorns zapilivajut it is obligatory on vertical preparations, and eyes - on top and bottom cross-section. Rigidity of a design two average cross-section plates (give their through direct thorns in lateral walls rasklineny), and also the back plywood wall strengthened on glue and screws. Openwork cover from laths and reek serves only as directing for boxes. Two cross-section laths of this cover cut in forward and back edges of a box. Preliminary after a marking in cross-section laths hollow out nests for forward vertical racks with direct through thorns, and also nests for horizontally located plates in width to 60 mm, being directing under jashchichki. Each of them is intended under two adjacent boxes. Directing rejki in a box fasten on walls on glue. .

The Box mark under the drawing full-scale by overlaying on it of preparations. Details with ready joiner's connections adjust during trial assemblage in two steps. At first collect separately a box and an openwork skeleton. After adjustment of details make full assemblage. Joiner's connections it is temporary krepjat thin nails the in length of 20-25 mm which hammer not up to the end.

Dverki and boxes produce after the case will be ready. A back wall definitively krepjat before case furnish. For dverok prepare brusochki in the width not less than 40 mm and thickness no more than 15 mm. In the collected kind both dverki should close the place taken away for them without gleams from above, from below and on each side. Gleams for rojalnyh loops form later. In vertical bruskah do thorns, in horizontal - eyes. .

After adjustment of connections and trial assemblage both frameworks stick together and zapressovyvajut simultaneously. After drying level a plane plasti and edges on all perimetre of frameworks. Edges of averages vertical bruskov, forming an alignment, vystragivajut at an angle: left - under sharp, right - under stupid. If the tool locker takes a place on a wall not at the left, and on the right corners of edges of doors accordingly vary: left - under stupid, right - under sharp.

Thus on each side form backlashes in width on 2-3 mm. Just it is enough of it for naveski dverok on rojalnyh loops. The last sell in household shops tapes the in length to 1,5м. Pieces of necessary length saw off nozhovkoj or a fret saw with a cloth on metal. .

Usually in coupled dverkah cases alignments are formed differently. In edges choose quarters for the closed adjunction dverok one to another or on one of them paste shtapik, closing an alignment line. But when are applied rojalnye loops, to do it not necessarily - loops guarantee dverki against any opening.

For panels it is necessary to prepare two pure pieces kleenoj plywood with a beechen or birch obverse surface in the thickness no more than 6 mm. The size of panels on height and width should exceed the sizes "юъэр" frameworks on 10-15 mm. By a plane or an edge chisel do oval from the person. Panels necessarily grind to their label on frameworks.

Unprofitable panels krepjat only on glue. Dense glue put not on a basis, as usually, and on edges of panels a narrow brush or edge of the wide. For zapressovki it is required not less than four clamps. To prevent shift of panels, they can be fixed two thin carnations with the bitten off hats. .

Dverki hang after handles are established and the top shelf is adjusted and strengthened. For the left shutter do above or below a restrictive emphasis in the form of small brusochka on glue. As an emphasis can serve and a forward edge of a shelf. Last is better for making demountable, i.e. To attach nothing it to box sides.

Open section, and also top where shelves are made, cover ukryvistymi with paints of two colours: more dark for a shelf and a bottom and light for sides, top and a back wall. Box sides paste over with sheets of oak plywood, their joints having on places of an exit of through thorns, decorate a narrow provein.

All edges of a box paste over with narrow strips of decorative plywood after box colouring from within and pastings of lateral walls. On this operation it is possible to try a way of pasting "тяЁш=шЁъѕ".

The Bottom and locker top paint any paint. Forward walls of boxes paste over with decorative plywood in already ready kind collected on glue.