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Pasting of wooden details

Almost all connected wooden details can be stuck together. Other ways of joiner's connections: on nails and screws, by means of metal waybills or vreznyh details - only auxiliary.

Even the most intricate ways are viscous wood assume fastening by means of glue. Cabinet makers never resort to nails, metal squares, bolts if is available though the slightest possibility to do without them. But also these hardware can be executed from a tree - squares and overlays from plywood, nails, square shponki and round probes from firm breeds of wood. Put on glue, they fasten preparations not less reliably, than metal bolts to nuts.

On the basis of gluing structures are produced dreves but fibrous and drevesnostruzhechnye plates, plywood. Of several short bruskov by merging on glue do lengthy bruski, not only not conceding on durability, but surpassing made of an integral tree. Presently such bruski apply in the building, stuck together do packs for doors, doors, frames. .

The Rare product from a tree and rare technological process of joiner's manufacture does without some glue. In use is to three tens the gluing structures which half is suitable for pasting of a tree and materials derivative of it: papers, a cardboard, a hardboard, etc. But, despite an abundance of the universal glues created by modern chemistry, traditional joiner's glue of an animal origin of two kinds, mezdrovyj and bone has not lost the advantages. Names specify in raw materials from which they prepare.

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