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Colouring of joiner's products

Cabinet makers and house painters of high qualification use oil paints and in general opaque coverings for giving to a product of an attractive kind, simulating on its surface colour and a structure of wood of various breeds of a tree, marble, a skin, a chintz and other materials.

All the ways long colourings of joiner's products are reduced to that two are put on a surface one after another, seldom three paint coats of different colours and shades, and then the top layer, absolutely fresh, settles accounts, shaded, partially acts in film the special tool - combs and brushes, soft and rigid so that on the top layer gleams of certain drawing were formed.

In such a way under an oak, a nut, an ash-tree, a plane tree, the Karelian birch it is possible to see Furnish on panels and doors of public buildings, clubs, child care centres, cinemas and inhabited apartments. .

Some years ago the industry has started to let out washing wall-paper, and also the plastic which drawings simulate colour and a structure of valuable breeds of a tree, and linoleum - not only colour and drawing, but also the form of parquet plates from a beech, an oak, an ash-tree.

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