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Matte furnish

Last years the polished furniture has widely extended. Meanwhile hygienists not unreasonably assert that the abundance in vacation spots of the smooth brilliant surfaces wasting extensively mirror patches of light, does not promote rest first of all organs of vision and nervous system of the person.

It is a lot of Ways of matte and semimatte furnish. The main condition for reception of good results there is accurate, a surface thorough training under furnish. Here it is not less requirement, than for polishing, and above, than for preparation of surfaces under varnish coverings. Defects of preparation which can be hidden appreciably a varnish, will by all means come to light in the course of matte furnish.

First of all not only a finished surface, but also all product should be well dried. Work is carried out in a warm premise at temperature not more low 20 ° and with normal humidity of air.

Distinguish some ways of matte furnish, including voshchenie, mastichene, a glaze, glazurovku. The difference is reduced basically to structure of the applied materials giving to a surface weak luster, shine or a velvety kind. From structure of mastics, pastes, emulsy mechanical durability of a covering, stability to influence of light, humidity and temperatures of air and other service conditions of products depends also. .

It is Most extended voshchenie for furnish of wood of a beech, an oak, a nut, and also preliminary painted wood of an alder, a birch, a linden, a poplar.