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ladder Manufacturing

Ladders. For ladder manufacturing two are required bruska section 70X70 mm and length on half-metre of more height of a roof edge of a garden small house.

For steps narrow boards and bruski from 300 to 500-600 mm are suitable in the length. Some ways of connections with vertical bruskami are used: in a direct through thorn, vnakladku with cut of grooves and it is simple vnakladku. All of them are reliable enough. The painted ladder which all year long is in the open air, can serve many years without repair if each two-three years on a measure usyhanija wood to line nails, to tighten screws and to renew oil colouring.

At any way of fastening a marking do in nature. For this purpose racks stack out of the blue at an angle, impose at first the shortest top and the lowermost long bruski, do pencil risks on which at steps zapilivajut thorns, and on racks hollow out eyes.

Racks should be straight lines, without large knots. If there is no material of the suitable size on length, bruski it is possible to increase.

After trial assemblage of a ladder with two steps - top and bottom - the same way do a marking of the others. The distance between steps should not exceed 400 mm. .

Shipovaja is viscous is applicable only when a thickness on longitudinal bruskah and width of cross-section boards make not less than 70 mm. Steps can be made of easier bruskov if to apply connection in a groove when cuts on half of thickness of steps become only on vertical bruskah. In other cases of a step nail up vnakladku, without grooves.

After the ladder is collected definitively, the ends bruskov cut, smooth out a plane or a wide chisel. Before colouring all end faces and cracks close up shpaklevkoj, prepared on kazeinovom to glue with addition of whitewash or other oil paint. Definitive painting is preceded by a first coat.

It is possible to hammer in thick nails Into the bottom end faces of a ladder and to chop off them, having left the ends in length on 30 40 mm, they will serve as a good emphasis on the earth.