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step-ladder Manufacturing

The Ladder is unsuitable for such works, as scrap of high trees, gathering from them a crop. The step-ladder is convenient for these purposes. It consists of two sliding parts: actually ladders like added and an emphasis made from one or two vertical bruskov with crossbeams - top, average and bottom.

Steps of a step-ladder unlike a ladder do of wider boards which in the developed step-ladder occupy horizontal position. After all on them it is necessary not only to rise, but also rather long to stand. To stand on narrow edges tiresomely for feet. Therefore the width of steps, since the second or the third from below, should be not less than 100 mm.

The step-ladder Height should be such that the adult person, standing at a penultimate top step, could get an outstretched arm to tree branches, otstojashchih from the earth on 4-5м. The basic ladder and an emphasis can be as equal on height, and raznovelikimi. The design can be facilitated, if an emphasis to make on metre more shortly the ladder. More often the height of a step-ladder does not exceed 3м.

More confidently to feel, being at the maximum height of a step-ladder, to a ladder it is possible to beat a vertical core, keeping for which it is convenient to work as the right or left hand. Fastening of steps, and also crossbeams can be made any of three already described ways. The section vertical and cross-section bruskov a basic design of a step-ladder can be smaller, rather than actually ladders.

If is not present bruskov for a ladder of sufficient length it is possible to make their compound in the way are viscous on a direct thorn in an overlay, and the length of a thorn should be not less 50см. Junctions of planes carefully smooth out and adjust by means of a chisel, a rasp that they densely adjoined, not forming cracks. Connection fastens on kazeinovom to glue, nails, screws, nageljami, bolts. More preferably the last in a combination to glue. Increased in such a way bruski it is necessary slightly prostrogat from four parties. In places of joints it is impossible to have eyes and grooves. .

In working order the step-ladder is kept by means of a rigid metal hook at level of one third of a bottom of a ladder or the strong cord adhered to crossbeams. The length of a hook or a cord should be such that the ladder and an emphasis were moved apart on a bottom on 1000-1200 mm. In a place of loopback connection on a step-ladder it is possible to attach on the right and at the left hooks on which it is convenient to hang up a basket during harvesting, a bag with the tool, to bank with a paint.

The Step-ladder in the combined kind can be used and as a ladder. For winter of a ladder it is recommended to suspend in horizontal position on two big nails on a back wall of the house or a shed as it is possible above that sves roofs (eaves) covered them from a rain and snow. Before it them paint, especially end faces and metal details.