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And glazurovki, it is possible to consider the Products finished with wax, and also ways of a glaze ready for varnish coverings which surfaces moderate shine add and do coverings by stronger.

The Varnish put a brush, a tampon or in the way of dispersion (last is applicable for oil and nitrocellulose varnishes). Unlike polishing which is carried out, as a rule, before definitive assemblage of a product, it is possible to varnish as the separate details which collected and have been stuck together in knots, and completely a finished article. To cover with varnishes it is possible wood of all breeds of a tree without an exception. In comparison with polishing varnishing demands almost in 10 times less than labour expenses. It also has caused a wide circulation of furnish by a varnish of products from a tree, including inexpensive furniture of mass production. .

Chemical process of formation of a brilliant film neodinakov for spirit, oil and nitrovarnishes. Spirit the covering hardens as a result of evaporation of a hardener of pitch, and also spirit and other flying substances. Oil coverings dry up and form a firm film mainly at the expense of interaction of a varnish with air oxygen.

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