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Joiner's preparation

Joiner's preparation consists of operations on zadelke cracks, the dents, the dropped out knots and other mechanical defects on a surface of the wood, formed in the course of processing by the cutting tool. Large, deep defects close up wooden inserts, small - shpaklevkoj. But also after that on a surface there are roughnesses and it is impossible for roughness which to close a paint even by its repeated drawing.

The Dents formed from careless blow by a hammer, it is possible to eliminate completely almost if plentifully to moisten with their warm water. Wood fibres, having absorbed a moisture, will bulk up, will rise. The remained roughnesses smooth out, close shpaklevochnoj paste. .

After planing even a double plane the surface yet does not become absolutely smooth, suitable for colouring. Drying up, wood fibres form pile. Fibers almost imperceptible to an eye do a surface rough. Besides, in the course of preparation to to colouring it is repeatedly humidified, and owing to non-uniform structure of wood its one cages absorb more moisture, others it is less. Therefore swelling and drying of fibres occur also non-uniformly on all surface, and pile is again formed, there is a roughness. Pile is formed after such processes, as shpaklevanie, wet polishing by pumice or other powders, proklejka end faces, priming, even voshchenie for at all these structures there are various liquids.

  • Tsiklyovka
  • Finishing preparation
  • Priming
  • Shpaklyovka
  • Polishing