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Joiner's connections

From a tree so it is a lot of Ways of joiner's connections of details that only on their transfer some pages have left. And each of them is caused not only durability reasons. More often, on the contrary, durability recedes into the background, and the main task of a choice of a way of connection is decorative effect, desire to make its beautiful, imperceptible. .

Look at boxes of the case, a sideboard, a desk. On a forward (obverse) board there are no traces of connection with walls. To see them, it is necessary to put forward a box and to look sideways. Here it is applied it is viscous corners in the way in "яюыѕяю=хьюъ" when shipovoe connection is visible only on the one hand.

In ancient furniture and sideways thorns will not see, such connection is executed in the way in "яю=хьюъ". More difficult, but too in the closed way connect in corners bruski frameworks for pictures, covers of tables, etc. Such way of connection is called "эр a moustache in яю=хьюъ". When such connection is executed taking into account an arrangement of fibres of wood, its structure the impression is made that the product consists not of separate details, and is developed from an integral piece of a tree. .

In certain cases shipovye connections close from face sheets overlays from a tree of valuable breeds, plastic, metal or simply paint over. Decorative (beautiful or imperceptible) connections in all souvenir products from wood become.

In industrial production beloderevnyh products (a door, window covers, kitchen furniture) in the foreground there is not a decorative effect, and adaptability to manufacture of joiner's connections: possibility of machining of wood, mechanisation of all operations, including assemblage of knots and furnish of finished articles. .

At all variety of furniture and in general joiner's products they consist of the limited set of elements: bruski, boards, boxes, frameworks, boards - with addition various profilirovannyh details. The basic constructive elements are bruski and boards. It is accepted to name their wide parties plastjami, and narrower - edges. Four bruska in connection represent a framework, and four plates - a box. Boards are a set from several bruskov or the boards connected by edges and making an equal plane of the big area - a plate. The board can be hollow then it is a framework revetted with one or from two parties with plywood or any other material.

In modern furniture of a batch production the board became the most widespread constructive element which almost completely has superseded a framework. Last remains only in designs of unique furniture. There is the basic constructive element a framework and in house hand-made articles as for board manufacturing the heavy and bulky equipment is required. Thus, to learn to do frameworks to the house joiner it is necessary.