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the Joiner and an applied art

Is not present in the nature of other such material which is giving in almost to all modern ways of processing, as a tree. Its wood can not only to saw and plane, cut and stick together, drill and be milled, sharpened and engraved, but also to press and stamp, subject to thermal and chemical processing. And the wood crushed and dissolved in special structures can and be cast, as cast metal. The tree can be a lung as down, and to flash, as gunpowder. But it can be made fireproof, heavy, as lead, and firm, as the alloyed steel.

Quality of a tree as material is most visually shown in the course of processing and its decorative furnish, in finished articles from wood to which we have got used. And it is a lot of ways of furnish, the majority of them knew mankind and applied hundreds and thousand years ago. Even such process as a drawing burning out on a tree not fire, and strong acids, it was known hundred years ago. .

The Modern technics has allowed to improve technology of some kinds of furnish, in some measure they are mechanised. However because the initial material remains invariable on the physicomechanical properties also radical lomki the ways of painting and decorating developed by mankind have not occurred yet. The carving and an engraving, incrustation, a mosaic and a burning out concern them.