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Glutinous structures

Glutinous paints prepare on a water solution of joiner's glue in a proportion 1:10 - on 10 parts of water 1 part of dry glue. Painting substances are dry pigments in a powder: a chalk, ultramarines, ohra, etc. it is necessary to consider minium that glutinous colouring, drying up, strongly brightens. On each weight part of a powder undertakes on the average from 2 to 5 parts of a liquid glutinous solution. To add to glutinous colouring small shine, add a few talc in a powder or liquid glass. A product usually paint a brush in two-three layers, first of which is priming. It is better to put a paint in warm, but not a hot condition. .

Glutinous colouring is suitable basically for the products which are in premises as in the open air it easily absorbs a moisture and collapses. In furnish of joiner's products the limited application finds. Matte glutinous colouring will approach unless for furnish of the shelves located highly under a ceiling, they will be allocated less, it is better to be in harmony on colour with a ceiling and walls. It is possible to cover the dried up layer of a glutinous paint with a strong solution of aluminium alum then it becomes waterproof. Glutinous colouring differs weak adhesion (coupling) with resinous surfaces, with oil and varnish coverings. Therefore removal of an old paint and a varnish is necessary preliminary obessmolivanie wood. .

As a first coat under colour colouring it is impossible to apply izvest, it razrushajushche operates on painting substances (pigments), decolouring the majority of them. .

For reception of more gentle tones of colour paints (kolerov) in a glutinous solution during its preparation add a little liquid starched paste. Last is applied and as glue to a paper, for example at pasting of walls by wall-paper. Prepares as follows. Two teaspoons of dry starch plant in half of glass of water then in a metal vessel (pan) pour out contents of a glass and fill in with abrupt boiled water, continuously stirring slowly, and hold on small fire. Paste will be ready, when becomes absolutely transparent. He cannot be prepared for the future, already in a day it spoils and loses gluing properties. .

To Everyone who will deal with colouring of ceilings or in general the surfaces located highly, above shoulders, it is necessary to face such unpleasant phenomenon: the paint flows down on the brush handle, becomes numb in sleeves. It is easy for avoiding, if on the handle to strengthen the narrow funnel directed by a bell to a ceiling. It can be curtailed and stuck together from a dense paper, plastic, a thin tin, a foil. The basis on the handle densely pull together izoljatsionnoj with a tape, an elastic band, a soft wire. A funnel it is possible zagermetizirovat a ring from plasticine. .