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Garden paths

The tree, including fire wood, and also concrete, a brick, ceramics can be Materials for a path. The continuous concreted garden path too frankly reminds city sidewalk. And on a site it should be picturesque, as the nature. Will recover a concrete path colour impregnations from slices of ceramics and glass of any forms and the sizes. For a mosaic splinters of the colour broken ware, bottles and ceramics are suitable. Before packing in concrete it is possible to paint simple transparent glass from a wrong side any colour with an oil paint. .

Glass Slices press into yet not seized cement mortal zapodlitso the convex party upwards and so that their edges in two-three places have been closed by a solution. If a path do of ready concrete plates with decorative inserts fill places having chopped off, joints. .

Before an input in the house the path usually extends, forming a small platform at a porch. Use this place for the device of a wooden decorative covering. Saw from fire wood, stumps, trunks, large boughs, logs circles in height (thickness) of 40-70 mm. For preparations knotty scraps of logs, in general, a round material of any diameter are suitable also. End faces of these circles also will make a surface of a road covering. .

To protect face preparations from rotting, impregnate with their hot drying oil. Other way Is recommended also. A tree within days impregnate in a 10 percent solution of silicate of sodium (liquid glass), then dry and impregnate with a solution from a mix of chloride calcium, chloride magnesium and sal ammoniac (on 10 parts of each substance on 1 l of water). Impregnation and obmazka wood liquid glass give to it and fireproof qualities. .

Preparations establish an end face on the concrete basis and fill in intervals between them a rather thin cement mortal (1 part of cement, 3 parts of the sifted sand, water to a consistence of dense sour cream). .

It is possible to manage and without a cement mortal. Face preparations stack on a 30-centimetric layer of the stamped crude sand, with it fill also intervals. But thus the height of face draughts should make not less than 80-100 mm, and diameter not less than 70 mm. Preparations of smaller diameter do in the form of pointed kolev in the length 300-400 mm and hammer into a ground, filling, thus, intervals between circles bolshego diameter. Drawing can be borrowed from samples of a national applied art of a carving, a list on a tree, metal, ceramics, from art embroideries.