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the Garden bench

The Design of a small small bench is described in section " Joiner's ёюхфшэхэш ". In a garden variant it is necessary to consider the following. The plywood seat is unsuitable, it is necessary to replace it board, and section of legs to increase in 1,5-2 times: thin legs will roll in the earth. On the ends them to paste it is necessary nothing. A varnish for furnish oil painting is unsuitable, possible only. To stick together preparations follows not mezdrovym, and kazeinovym glue. .

And here for designing of a garden bench the creative open space is vast. Them do wooden and wattled, of stubs and logs, metal and a brick, concrete and ceramics. There are even grassy benches. With backs and without, stationary and mobile, with a folding back and developing on a case of a rain a seat, low, as children's, and high, with a put forward or leaning back additional small bench under feet. Not to re-read and ways of furnish. But we offer one variant of portable, very easy wooden garden bench and that only to show possible ways and receptions of joiner's connections which will be constantly exposed to destructive influence of a moisture and the sun. .

For manufacturing of such bench plates in length of 1200 mm, width from 40 to 80 mm and thickness to 20 mm be required; bruski for legs section 50x50 mm and short plates or brusochki for tsarg and prolegs section 60x20 mm. In a design prevails shipovaja it is viscous details under some corner as four legs will be not vertical, but cut in the parties. Such position of legs provides good stability of a bench on the rough earth, in a grass. The marking of through thorns and nests will demand a split-hair accuracy, therefore it is better to execute it under the drawing full-scale (fig. 40). .

the Garden bench

the Garden bench

Apparently from the drawing, all thorns wide enough that will provide strong sklejku. All thorns through, it allows to apply rasklinivanie that also will increase durability of the bench produced from easy materials. The preschool child can transfer and rearrange it. Being well, with taste painted, it can take a worthy place and at a celebratory table on a terrace. .

Wood of any breeds of a tree, but without large and through knots can be the Material for preparations. Durability of connections assumes processing of all basic details fugankom, accurate zapilovku thorns and sample of nests for them. Klinyshki it is better to make of wood of firm breeds, they should be wide enough, not less than 20 mm, and pointed by a chisel at an angle no more than 5-7 °.

Plates for a seat vystragivajut from three parties, all other preparations - from four. The marking is made by imposing on the drawing. At first zapilivajut thorns, then after their check under the drawing mark and hollow out eyes. Trial assemblage before pasting is obligatory. .

Definitive assemblage on glue carry out on knots. At first in pairs bench legs. After zapressovki them, drying during 6-8ч, zachistki glue and wedges repeated assemblage of all bench "эрёѕ§ю" is made; check of corners and if it is required, additional adjustment. The small easy bench which is put not sideways by ridges is convenient for work on strawberry beds, and across, over it, its legs lean against two row-spacings. The bench height depends on ridge height, it about 300 mm, the length of a seat is equal to width of a ridge. Legs raskosheny also are connected on thorns or way "таа яюыфхЁхтр"аа tsargami. Prolegs are not present. Stability is provided with two plates beaten to end faces of legs in parallel to row-spacings. Furnish - oil colouring for two times.