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Window frames

For the frames which are not testing the big mechanical loadings, difficult angular connections are inexpedient. And on the contrary, various frames and frameworks, for example hotbed under glass and a film, should have the strong angular connections strengthened by metal or plywood unprofitable squares. .

Even skilled enough house joiners experience difficulties at manufacturing of window covers and door boxes, doors, hotbed frames under glass. For these products are required bruski a difficult profile, with folds, quarters, grooves, etc. The marking is difficult and is viscous such bruskov on thorns. The special tool for profile planing Is required. .

The Design and process of manufacturing of frames (covers) can be simplified considerably if vystragivanie bruskov difficult profile to replace with their pasting on length from separate details - bruskov, laths and reek, square, rectangular, oval. .

Sufficient durability is provided correct prifugovkoj details, application kazeinovogo glue, good zapressovkoj, and also additional fastening of joiner's connections by screws, nails, metal overlays. Stuck together bruski are jarred on less, details of such cover are easy for replacing, repairing. .

The Sequence of operations on manufacturing, for example, a window frame is that. At first on direct through thorns knit the basic frame from bruskov the greatest section (fig. 41) usually with one cross-section bruskom, which thorns rasklinivajut. Then on internal perimetre paste and nail up apportions of the necessary thickness and width which form grooves (quarters) for glasses. After that depending on a profile of a window box paste laths on external perimetre of a frame.

Knots of frames: 1 - a window frame; 2 - a hotbed frame under a film

Knots of frames:
1 - a window frame; 2 - a hotbed frame under a film

The Flattened hats of nails utaplivajut in wood. Before ostekleniem a window frame separate places smooth out a plane, shpakljujut and ground liquid whitewash. .

Glasses the thickness of a layer is better to stack on a pillow from not so dense putty, of 1-2 mm, and krepit shtapikami (apportion) section 8X10 mm which beat to a frame carnations with the chopped off hats. When the window frame with cross-section bruskami is connected, corners strengthen metal squares. Them put only on screws. After that a frame definitively paint and establish window devices - loops, the handle, locks.