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The Thorn is ready, it is possible to start eye formation. At first make prosaws nozhovkoj, then start to vydalblivaniju superfluous wood a chisel. The width of its edge should not exceed a thickness of a thorn, but can be less. .

Dolblenie begin with an obverse edge bruska or plasti, a chisel establish an edge on risk with some inclination of the handle (to 5 °) from itself, towards a facet. Easy blow and the second, stronger, deepen an edge in wood on 6-8 mm. Then a piece of a tree of such thickness chop off, operation repeats to half of depth of a nest. After that brusok overturn and hollow an eye from an underside before its full formation. .

Vydalblivanie from two parties becomes to prevent skalyvanie wood outside of risok.

The chisel Inclination guarantees more dense prileganie thorn edges to eye edges, connection becomes less appreciable. A small crack formed inside, to 2 mm, in the middle of any value for durability are viscous has no, it will be filled with glue in process zapressovki.

Formation of eyes mnogoshipovyh connections is carried out similarly.

Formation of nests a little is differently made for thorns when connection is necessary not on the ends bruskov. Preliminary has washed down nozhovkoj in this case it is impossible.

Width of a nest and consequently, and the thickness of a thorn should be defined depending on an available chisel or a chisel. The sizes of their edges should equal to a thickness of a thorn or to be smaller. A wide chisel to hollow a narrow nest it is impossible. .

The Beginning same, as well as for an eye with prosaws: at first an edge of the chisel established vertically, of 6 8 mm deepen in wood force of one-two blows on depth. Then easier blows on a chisel put at a small angle, chop off slices of wood along fibres in length of 10-15 mm. Operations repeat, as is shown in fig. 15.

If a chisel edge already width of a nest, the first operation should be repeated then to start to skalyvaniju superfluous wood.

Depth of not through nest is defined by thorn height. It is necessary to hollow out a nest very cautiously. Too strong blows on a chisel it is possible to cut through brusok through. .

If it is required to cut down a through aperture, a marking from a face sheet transfer and on the opposite. Dolblenie conduct in the same sequence, but from two parties bruska.

Stronger is the connection by a double and threefold thorn applied at manufacturing of window frames, doors and other heavy products, and also boxes and boxes from boards. Durability of such connection is very high. If also it is necessary to see the frames which have dispersed in corners it is result of action of a moisture or substandard pasting. The design tested in derevoobrabotke by centuries, is faultless. .

The Thickness of a double thorn and width of a nest for it are equal the one fifth thickness bruska, and threefold - one seventh. The technics of their marking a little than differs from a connection marking in an unary thorn.

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