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Defects of veneering

How the joiner tried to provide high quality of the veneering, it is impossible to avoid all defects of this difficult work. Therefore it is necessary to know ways of their elimination. More often meeting defects are connected with deviations from technology of joiner's and finishing preparation of a surface. Otslaivanie plywood testifies to the raised humidity of wood or improper concentration of a glutinous solution. .

Pretty often not pasted there are plywood edges. These places are easily found out, if to scraps of allowances to touch plywood fingers. It is easy to expand not glued place with a knife blade. To correct simply: a tip of the same knife lower in liquid or warm glue, coat with it a defective place and zapressovyvajut or dry nagretym a hammer in the way "тяЁш=шЁъѕ". .

Otslaivanie of plywood can be result of fatty stains on a basis to which glue does not stick at all or sticks badly. To same will result too strong pressure upon a surface from screws of clamps when glue, without having had time to be absorbed in wood pores, it is squeezed out outside, there is a so-called hungry pasting. Therefore just put liquid glue should to allow be absorbed time during a time, to thicken before zapressovkoj, but not in the open air, and under the plywood already imposed on the basis. .

It is not necessary to take a great interest excessively strong zavertyvaniem screws of clamps. If the screw slightly ran into soft wood of a lining, and on product edges glue droplets here and there have already acted, means, pressure quite sufficient, superfluous can damage only. Defect of hungry pasting of the big surfaces trudnoustranim, warming up by a hot iron hardly probable will yield positive results, repeated veneering is required. It is necessary to try not to suppose it. .

On the dried up surface swellings - siskins sometimes are formed. It is result of air which has remained in a glutinous seam or a glue clot. In the first case a defective place make an incision a chisel along fibres, enter into emptiness glue and zapressovyvajut. In the second case too do a cut, but on purpose to squeeze out surpluses of glue with the help nagretogo a hammer or other tool.

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