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Brushes and sprays

Brushes are necessary For colouring by oil paints in house conditions and sprays. As the last ordinary vacuum cleaners are suitable, instructions on their application in these purposes are given in the instruction applied on the device. The garden stock used for spraying of trees and bushes is suitable as sprays also. On sale there are small pistols-sprays. But the basic tool for drawing of all kinds of protective and decorative colourful coverings there is a hair brush. .

There are many versions of brushes, all of them can be necessary in due course, but the beginning joiner can manage at the beginning two-three shchetinnymi brushes of the small sizes - "эюьхЁют" for example round filenchatoj, trafaretnoj and flat. For colouring of small products very inexpensive brushes for glue and student's for a water colour are suitable even.

The New, just bought brushes usually have too long hair. The working part of a brush can be truncated, having drawn hair at the basis several coils of a thick thread or a cord. .

Colouring Receptions are developed not at once, but their essence is reduced putting probably more thin and equal layer. On a surface there should not be surpluses of a paint, everything that is taken on a brush, should be used, shaded longitudinal and cross-section movements of a brush before formation of an equal layer on a thickness. This condition is especially important when a painted surface inclined or vertical. Surpluses of a paint necessarily form after a while (probably, in an hour-two) smudges which are difficult for correcting in the dried up layer.

The First movements make with some pressing, trying to distribute a paint on possible bolshej surfaces, a brush thus hold at an angle 50-70 °. In the subsequent pressing and a brush angle of slope reduce. Last shading carry out along wood fibres. .

Upon termination of work the brush should be cleaned. At first it wipe by means of a paper piece, then hot water with soap delete the paint rests. Well clear brushes kerosene, turpentine and other solvents. But absolutely pure, apparently, the brush is better for storing in a glass jar with kerosene or turpentine. The brushes washed with soap for some days can be left in bank with water.

The paint which has Remained in bank should be protected from air oxygen under which influence it quickly is oxidised, forming the insoluble film which thickness increases in due course reliably. That it has not occurred, in bank pour a little boiled water. Before the use of a paint water merge. .

To longer storage of a paint apply also such way. On a paint surface put a circle of a dense paper and fill in with a thin layer of drying oil. Under such layer the film long is not formed.

Last years the industry expands release and assortment of various dyes in metal cylinders under pressure, so-called aerosols. By pressing the valve the paint from a cylinder is beaten out in the form of a stream-cone, like cologne from a spray. .

The Cylinder contains to 200г painting substance on a nitrobasis, it it is enough for a covering in two-three layers of 1-2 m 2 a surface. Aerosols are convenient for repair of the furniture painted by nitropaints, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances. It is impossible to put aerosols on oil and varnish coverings. Besides, they are toxic. The way of application is specified on packing.