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Boxes, trays

In a garden various capacities constantly are required. Wooden, plywood boxes and trays are necessary: for storage of seeds and other landing material, drying of berries, cultivation of flower and vegetable sprouts, drawing up of earthen and nutritious mixes, etc. All boxes and trays by all means are exposed to moisture influence outside and from within, it should be considered at their designing and colouring. .

Products should be painted only in completely ready kind to close shpaklevkoj and a paint imperceptible cracks. Is inexpedient to dilute paints with seminatural oils of type of drying oil "+ъёюыі". Natural drying oil is a bit more expensive, but protects wood from stratification, rastreskivanija and rotting is better. From paints it is more preferable ordinary oil, but not enamel and the more so not than a nitropaint. .

Colouring periodically renew, but continuous colouring of all product is not so obligatory, it is enough to paint end faces, joints, plywood. .

Rotting and destruction of wood of boxes and trays always begin from below, with a bottom by which usually do plywood. There is it because just from below there is no air exchange, are created, as speak, hotbed conditions. If a bottom plywood, that, even being well painted, plywood will start to be stratified after a while, and repair is almost impossible and inexpedient, the bottom should be changed. .

For air exchange improvement to a bottom of boxes and trays it is necessary to beat low laths or rejki that the bottom did not adjoin to the earth all surface. .