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For pasting of preparations bolshej width, rather than a clamp, it is necessary to make vajmy. The elementary such szhim consists of enough wide board on which ends are strengthened cross-section bruski - an emphasis (fig. 19). They fasten on glue and screws, the last are wrapped from outside boards which is more thin, than cross-section bruski. The preparations of a board greased with glue, clamp in one or two vajmah by means of wooden wedges.



It is possible to make screw szhim like the big clamp or vajmu with mobile kolodkoj. Last has a metal collar on hinges which the emphasis fastens in grooves longitudinal bruska. Constructive variants various szhimov much, try to find decision more convenient for your works. Here some possible variants. .

One of a cross-section emphasis vajmy becomes from cut at a small angle bruska, need for two wedges, enough one in this case disappears. In other design odi from an emphasis becomes mobile, in a kind kulachkovogo a clip rotating on one screw. For narrowing of a working surface vajmy instead of a mobile emphasis with sharnirnym a collar it is possible to use wooden square or round probes which are inserted into the nests made on some distance from each other in the basis vajmy, in a board.

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