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Surface gauges

Planing of two other surfaces bruska on the set thickness and width carry out after a marking a surface gauge which, as well as a square, it is possible to make most. Now, when skills of work are got by a saw, a plane and a chisel, it is not too difficult. .

the Surface gauge of the elementary design. the Surface gauge of the elementary design consists from wooden kolodki into which the small nail with sharply ground end is hammered. On a surface of a tree it leaves a superficial thin trace (risk). At a marking kolodku put to a face sheet bruska.

Vystragivaja brusok on a surface gauge, it is necessary to look periodically behind that the shaving acted in film in regular intervals on all plane. Especially attentive it is necessary to be, when the plane cutter just about will concern risks. Try to touch only it, not sostragivaja a pencil line completely. .

Now brusok it is planed from three parties, it is necessary to mark a surface gauge the fourth party, to plane it, and preparation is ready.

the Surface gauge of more difficult design. the surface gauge of more difficult design is more convenient in work, allowing to make a marking simultaneously on two sizes without tool readjustment (fig. 14). Such surface gauge should to try be made also most. .

the Surface gauge: 1 - kolodka; 2 - rulers; 3 - crackers; 4 - klinok

the Surface gauge:
1 - kolodka; 2 - rulers; 3 - crackers; 4 - klinok

It consists of six details: kolodki in the sizes 60X40X20 the mm, two square rulers 7X7 mm and length to 150 mm, two crackers in the sizes 7x8X9 mm and klinka in the length 60 mm and thickness of 7 mm.

Crackers are produced from firmer wood. For all details the dry tree of any breed sustained at a room temperature is suitable only.

Produce a surface gauge in such sequence. Vystragivajut two rulers, on kolodke in the thickness of 14 mm (a cover paste later, during definitive assemblage) with small teeths (it is better a fret saw) do by a saw of a prosaw depth of 7 mm, grooves choose a narrow chisel. Then do konusnyj has spent on drink for klinka, crackers cut a fret saw, their one party turned to klinku, slightly round off. Grooves for crackers cut down a narrow chisel. .

Details should be checked up in trial gathering and to smooth out a skin. Klinok and crackers on a thickness should be on half-millimetre of less thickness of rulers that they freely took places in the nests. When all mobile details are well adjusted, paste a plate closing them in the thickness of 6 mm. It can be cut from plywood. That at pasting and zapressovke the plate has not moved, it it is possible to fix preliminary two carnations the in length of 12 15 mm.

It is better to take advantage of dense glue that at zapressovke its drops have not stopped mobile details. With the same purpose when kolodka it will be clamped in a vice or a clamp, klinok and rulers it is possible to take out.

On the ends of rulers hammer in thin carnations, their ends which are coming out, bite off kusachkami and sharpen a file so that triangular cutters were formed. On wood they will leave a thin trace depth to millimetre. .

The Principle of action of a surface gauge consists that the mobile rulers established for the set size, are fixed by easy blow by a chisel edge on klinku. Thus crackers are moved apart and densely press square rulers to the case kolodki. To release rulers for shift of the size, it is enough to press a narrow part klinka a finger. It is possible to put millimetric divisions on rulers, beginning from a cutter edge.

The Design of this surface gauge can be simplified if to make klinoobraznyj a clip not along rulers, and it is perpendicular to them. Then crackers become superfluous. But a lack of such constructive decision is that circumstance that klinok roughly fixes position of rulers, their sides warp.

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