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the Square

After check of correctness of a plane start processing of an edge which in a finished article also can be obverse. Correctness of its planing is checked by a square.

The Square consists from rectangular kolodki and a time ruler (fig. 13). Length kolodki 100-120 mm, width of 40-45 mm and a thickness of 20-25 mm. The ruler can have length of 180-240 mm, width of 25 30 mm and a thickness of 3-5 mm. For check of right angles of the big products on a format (for example, frameworks, dverok), marking of plywood sheets apply squares of the big sizes.

Ugolnik (1), erunok (2), malka (3)

Ugolnik (1), erunok (2), malka (3)

The Square should be made most. On one end kolodki by a saw do cut by depth on 8-10 mm of less width of a ruler. The width of cut (eye) becomes to an equal thickness of a ruler. If as last to take usual student's (divisions are unessential) the eye can be executed a way has spent on drink well dissolved saw or two combined together nozhovochnymi cloths on metal. The ruler one end should enter densely in has spent on drink. For connection of details it is possible to use any glue. To put it it is recommended on both inside of an eye.

After the square is collected on glue, the eye should be clamped in a clamp, preliminary having verified an internal corner. At sklejke verify only an internal corner, external it will be possible to correct later by removal of a thin shaving from one of the ruler ends.

The Clamp any another szhim, for example can replace the meat grinder screw, a vice. It is enough even to press square to a floor a leg of a table or other heavy subject and to leave in such position on 3-4ч. .

When glue will dry up, the rests remove it a chisel and kolodku and a ruler smooth out a skin. Usually this tool, as well as a plane, impregnate with drying oil, cover with wax, a varnish.

The External corner of the tool to check up easily, having put it to an equal edge of a drawing board, sheet of plywood, a table at first one party, then another. The pencil lines spent on a ruler should be parallel.

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