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Sharpening of saws

The most exact works need obushkovaja a saw is nozhovka which top of a cloth is edged for rigidity steel profile obushkom P-shaped section.

In shops the joiner's tool is on sale not ground. Correctly to grind a saw a file, and rubanochnuju a piece of iron or a chisel on bruske and oselke - business not so simple. Incorrectly dissolved and zatolchennaja nozhovka at pilenii it will be obligatory to leave to the right or to the left from risks of the planned has spent on drink, even cross-section raspil small bruska will not be perpendicular to a longitudinal axis. It is difficult to do by incorrectly ground chisel equal cuts of wood. It is absolutely impossible a blunt tool raskraivat decorative plywood, to cut ordinary, to process tree end faces. .

Before to sharpen a saw, it is necessary to dissolve cloth teeths, that in process pilenija it not zaedalo in a prosaw which necessarily should be more widely a thickness of a cloth. For cloths with large teeths (two-manual saws with which saw fire wood), for work with crude wood divorce makes a double thickness of a cloth, at other saws, about an one-and-a-half thickness.

To Dissolve a saw is means to reject tops of teeths in the parties from a cloth plane: even teeths - in one party, odd - in another. For the hard distributing - a steel plate with superficial serves, to the little more than height of teeths, the cuts which width on some tenth millimetre is more a than thickness of a cloth. Reception of distributing by means of flat-nose pliers is simple: clamping teeths approximately on two third of height of the basis, smooth movement of the tool them unbend one after another every which way. Thus half of teeths will be unbent in the right party, half - in left. .

Correctness of distributing can be checked up if to look along a cloth: any tooth should not act from a general series. If acting tops of teeths are appreciable, they should be levelled. For this purpose a saw cloth stretch between two metal plates slightly clamped in a vice. Plant a saw of times in two-three years, i.e. After four-six sharpenings.

After distributing the saw needs to be ground a trihedral file. The tooth of a cloth for mixed pilenija has two cutting sides, forward and back, forming sharp top which under the form represents a trihedral cutter. Sharpening of saws for cross-section pilenija becomes a plait, at an angle 45-60 °, in relation to . a lateral surface of a cloth (fig. 6). Teeths of such saw work at movement in both parties. .

saw Teeths: 1 - top; 2 - the basis; 3 - cutting sides

saw Teeths:
1 - top; 2 - the basis; 3 - cutting sides

To receive an equal number of teeths, the file should be pressed only at movement from itself, at movement in the opposite direction it should be raised. The quantity of movements and force of pressing for each tooth should be identical, usually enough two-three movements.

The Agnails formed at work by a file with a large notch, remove a velvet trihedral file. Periodically sharpening should be repeated, applying files with a small notch. From repeated sharpening the form and height of teeths vary, then a cloth level, grinding off tops of acting teeths a file strengthened in wooden kolodke. After that distributing and sharpening again follow. .

Who did not see the person with a saw in the right hand, the carpenter or the joiner - all the same. Than that, apparently, is easier: has pressed brusok to an emphasis, has thrown up over it nozhovku, has made two-three short easy movements has washed down, and then widely for some seconds raspolovinil brusok. Try to make so, and then posmorite on an end face cut off bruska, check up, whether all its planes make a right angle with an end face. Most likely it will appear that the saw cloth has moved aside, direct four corners are not present, and in a place has washed down (the beginning pilenija) and on an opposite edge of a fibre of wood are damaged, equal surfaces it has not turned out.

You have theoretically well studied rules pilenija, the cloth is ground, teeths are made by two ideal lines. Now a problem: to saw lengthways on two equal laths a plate in length of 500 mm and thickness of 12-15 mm. The line raspila is put from two parties by sharply ground pencil or a surface gauge, the plate is strongly clamped in vertical position in a vice. Have sawn? Turn both halves and check up a ruler width of everyone from the return party from itself. With what accuracy it is made raspil? If the maximum difference in width of laths makes 1,5-2 mm consider itself already able to use a saw though for exact krasnoderevnyh the maximum deviation from risok should not exceed works at pilenii along 0,5 mm, and across - only 0,2-0,3 mm. .

All business in skills of work as a saw, just as any other cutting tool, got only practice. Therefore, before to saw unique available preparation on a part on the sizes set by the drawing, be necessarily trained on an unnecessary piece of a tree, check up itself and the tool.

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