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furniture Reconstruction (a part 3)

And here this woman herself made of such boards platjanye and bookcases, tables, benches - the blessing the sound material almost did not demand processing, except cross-section raspila and usual shipovyh connections. In the brochure sketches of subjects which any person owning a saw, a chisel and a hammer, can make independently are resulted. .

We Will result only two recommendations about manufacturing of pieces of furniture - simple, and, in our opinion, useful, especially for their use on a summer residence.

Here the elementary set from boxes of the square form (fig. 34). Each box is brought down from boards in the thickness of 12 20 mm. For rigidity on end faces impose metal squares. Height of a box of 350-400 mm, depth - 250 mm. Lateral walls act below on 20 mm from a horizontal plane. From above on a horizontal plane two are beaten bruska in the thickness of 20 mm.

the Wall from boxes

the Wall from boxes

The Square box serves also as a chair-stool. But for rigidity it is necessary to insert inside an additional board or to place in the top part sliding jashchichek. On fig. 35 the bookstack is shown. As vertical support birch or any other thin dry trunks of trees here can serve. .


the Bookstack

Regiments it is possible krepit, using roughnesses, knots of racks. It is possible to drill also apertures in vertical racks, to pass in them horizontal bruski and on the last to stack regiments. Back extreme vertical racks reliably krepjat to a wall. It is good to put on metal boots rack legs from two cylinders screwed in each other. Rotating them, it is possible even on rough for a floor to establish a rack strictly horizontally.

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