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Receptions pilenija a fret saw

A little receptions pilenija a fret saw differently look. At drawing cutting out on plywood a fret saw keep the right hand under plywood sheet so that the handle was in vertical position, and the handle stanochka leant against a hand between a brush and an elbow. For cross-section sawing up thin reek, longitudinal pilenija plates in the thickness of 5-8 mm, and also raskroja plywood it is possible to work as a fret saw the same as nozhovkoj. In this case the fret saw cloth should be established in stanochke with an inclination of teeths from itself. The file will work at advance unlike movement from top to down in the course of cutting out of drawings. In thin plates and plywood a fret saw it is convenient to cut thorns and apertures (eye) for them.

At raskroe it should be strengthened plywood in a vice a face sheet to themselves that on it agnails and skoly were not formed. .

The Fret saw often apply for raskroja thermoplastic plastic which easily heats up from a friction that complicates or in general does impossible process pilenija. To prevent jamming it is possible by line greasing has spent on drink lubricating oil. For work as a fret saw files both on a tree, and on metal are suitable.

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