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At the beginning, mastering polishing, it is possible to be limited to easy polishing by an old fine-grained skin on grinding kolodke. It is possible to humidify a skin with any vegetable oil slightly. It is possible to grind also bruskom from an alloy of wax with a thin powder of talc.

The Problem of this process consists not in giving to a luster tree, and in definitive smoothing of a surface, closing of a time. .

Between polishing and the second (intermediate) polishing the endurance makes 24-48 ch. Now it is necessary to add to a surface appreciable shine, to fix the first, priming, a layer. Drawing of movement of a tampon varies a little, lasy put vigorous movements so that polish layers in regular intervals laid down on all sites of a surface.

In the middle of the second polishing the surface can be powdered slightly pumice from a gauze sack. If after endurance wood pores are still appreciable, luster does not become equal, intermediate polishing with pumiceous powder should be repeated, but the endurance within 2-3 days is obligatory.

Final, the third, carry out polishing without pripudrivanija a grinding powder. The tampon can be sprinkled oil only in the beginning of final process. Endurance between the second and third polishing - not less than 4 days. .

At high-quality furnish polishing repeats to ten and more times. Drying terms are extended each time and make from several o'clock about two weeks.

As we see, process labour-consuming, long on time, however it accustoms the joiner to endurance and patience. Under production conditions, where some processes are mechanised, and the tampon in diameter of 120-150 mm does on the polishing machine tool to 500 turns in minute, process of furnish of a surface, for example covers of a grand piano or the piano, lasts, including time for the joiner's preparation, more than three months.

To the Beginning joiner, house umeltsu if it has a sufficient free time, it is possible to be engaged and polishing. It is expedient to finish in such a way some products simultaneously, for example forward walls of all boxes of a tool case, wooden handles, edges of a book shelf, etc.

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