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Oil varnishes

Oil varnishes differ that the pitches entering into their structure, are dissolved in nagretom a condition in vegetable oils. They more a water rack and svetostojki, form films with good shine, but dry slowly (from 24 to 48час). Thin layers faster harden.

The Industry lets out some grades of a light oil varnish. The oil varnish at long storage becomes dense, it is possible to dilute it with oil on which it is made, and also turpentine or sikkativom.

The Oil varnish put rigid hair shchetinnoj a brush or by means of a spray in both directions - along fibres and across. At drawing of first, fatter layer easy shading by a brush at first across, and then along fibres is supposed in regular intervals to distribute a varnish on all surface.

For the first layer apply more dense, fat varnish, to last layer - diluted. Before drawing of the second layer the dried up surface clear a rag of a dust, then grind a skin along fibres. Cautiously it is necessary to grind edges not to remove all layer to the basis on product sides. It is possible to consider grinding finished when on a surface there will be no brilliant strips and stains. For reception of satisfactory shine of three layers usually happens enough. But sometimes quantity of layers at work as a brush lead up to five-six with easy intermediate polishing; without polishing drawing even will not add ten varnish coats of shine. .

On an oil basis it is possible to receive mirror smooth surface, almost that as polished. The way and is called - raspolirovka. It do by a tampon in which pour spirit, on a sole put two-three drops of linen, sunflower or vaseline oil to improve tampon sliding. As well as in the course of polishing, by a tampon do fast krugoobraznye and wavy movements on the dried up varnish surface so that one trace of a tampon blocked partially another and did not leave dry places. Operation is repeated by two-three times, every time humidifying a tampon with spirit and oil. Thus in the same place of a polished surface the tampon will pass some tens times. Then the oil rests remove from a surface a pure rag and allow to a product to dry up.

Is both other ways and receptions raspolirovki spirit and oil coverings for the purpose of reception of strong shine, for example by means of grinding brusochkov, replacing a tampon. A polishing mix for them make approximately of equal weight parts of wax and a pumiceous powder. Last should be very much a high milling, as powder. It is good to sift all the same it through the gauze combined three times-four times. It is suitable for this purpose and a piece of a kapron stocking. Wax rasplavljajut in a water bath, pour pumice and structure carefully mix. Use it in slightly cooled kind.

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