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Nitrovarnishes dry up quickly, form very strong film, skin, glasses, plastic are applied to coverings not only a tree, but also metal. Under production conditions nitrocellulose varnishes are put on a surface of finished articles by a dispersion method, in a magnetic field, other mechanised ways. .

Sprays are issued by the industry and are available on sale. Drawing of a varnish by a brush seldom yields satisfactory results as one layer yet does not provide a full covering, and drawing of the second layer leads to a softening or even to full dissolution of the first, dry varnish coat. It is possible to cover with a brush only rather narrow surfaces - plasti narrow plates and bruskov, edges, rejki, and also profile details.

Small products, for example wooden handles, it is possible to lower simply for some seconds in bank with a nitrovarnish, then to take out, allow to surpluses of a varnish to flow down and put or suspend a product on drying. .

In the Way of dispersion put on a product two-three varnish coats, intermediate grinding carry out the same as at furnish spirit varnishes. It is possible to use also a way raspolirovki. Except special solvents and thinners, for razzhizhenija too dense varnish acetone is suitable.

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