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the Marking

Nevertheless skilled joiners can give some the general councils. It is not recommended to saw without a preliminary marking by means of a square and a surface gauge. Cabinetmakers before cross-section pileniem make a marking not a sharp pencil, not shilom as it is done by carpenters and joiners-beloderevshchiki, and an edge of a sharp chisel. The equal superficial cut of the triangular form is thus formed. On a surface of a tree a chisel, cutting fibres across, leaves to risk in width in half-millimetre. This of risk by means of a square and a pencil is transferred on other three parties of a board or bruska. Now the problem consists in that after raspila half risks, the bases of the turned triangle, has not been touched by saw teeths. It also will provide a split-hair accuracy raspila which is necessary at manufacturing of thorns and eyes for pure, without backlashes and cracks of connection of separate details of a product. .

In a place raspila on an underside of preparation saw teeths form agnails, sometimes skoly wood. It is inevitable at work as any saw, even a fret saw. The marking by means of a chisel prevents formation of agnails and having chopped off, anyway from one (obverse) party of preparation. In the end pilenija it is necessary to adhere the sagging end of preparation with the left hand to prevent skoly wood.

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