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Manufacturing navesok for a case cover

For a folding cover of a case be required tiny, easy narrow naveski (loops), on their sale does not happen almost. It is necessary to make most. Slices of a tin or thin copper, a brass for this purpose be required. Scissors on metal (suit also tailor's) cut out four rectangles in the size 25 X 15 mm. Then cut out, as is shown in fig. 21, cards (so name a half of each pair navesok). Acting parts by means of flat-nose pliers and a hammer bend in the tubules which internal diameter should correspond to a core is a piece of a wire or carnations in diameter of 1,5 mm. After assemblage the bent petals of cards it is possible propajat though it and is not obligatory. On a tree piece shilom or a thin nail punch on two apertures on each card for fastening navesok on the case and a case cover.

Loops for cases and caskets

Loops for cases and caskets

Then naveski it is necessary to cut. For this purpose in edges of the case and a cover remove a wood layer, on a thickness a bit exceeding a thickness of a tin. It will be about millimetre, no more. After naveski are beaten, it is possible to paint them with a bronze paint. .

The Width of a card depends on a thickness of a lateral wall of a case. The core fastening cards, should act over a lateral surface and over a cover edge, the core ends should be flattened, that it did not drop out.

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  • Manufacturing navesok for a case cover