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clamp Manufacturing

The Most convenient and universal adaptation for zapressovki stuck together details, as well as for other joiner's works, is the clamp which is better to make most (fig. 18). For its manufacturing metal bolts be required, it is desirable with the largest carving (step) everyone with one nut. On the top end of a bolt where the carving is not necessary, the aperture for the handle is bored through. The clamp basis - wooden kolodka, is more preferable from wood of firm breed as at bolt screwing up the P-shaped design tests rather considerable pressure. Birch wood is quite suitable. .


the Clamp

It is necessary to make on four clamps of two sizes on distance between bottom basic bruskami and top in which screws of 60-70 and 140-160 mm are built in. The first are convenient for painting and decorating, especially at pasting of preparations decorative the plywood, the second - for zapressovki small frameworks and boards.

The Clamp consists of three wooden bruskov, connected at right angle double or threefold thorns. For a small clamp horizontal brusochki can be such sizes: length 130-150, a thickness 25-30 and height of 35-40 mm. Vertical brusok: accordingly 150-160, 25-30 and 40-45 mm. For such clamp the bolt in length of 70-90 mm, diameter 9-11 mm is necessary. At first sight the design seems unduly massive, heavy. But safety factor, and a clamp especially should have any tool. If the screw step is insignificant, it is possible to develop such effort on imprudence that top brusok will burst, if sustains shipovaja is viscous. .

For the big clamp the sizes of preparations can be such: horizontal bruski-150-160 H 50 - 40 mm, vertical - 250-280 H 50 - 40. A bolt already more massive, length to 180-200 mm and diameter 12 14 mm.

Exactly to plane short brusok moreover from a firm tree it is difficult enough. Therefore it is better to plane long brusok at once for several clamps, and then to saw it. Wood should not have knots and big svilevatosti. Internal edges are obverse.

All specified sizes of preparations are conditional, clamps can be smaller and bolshego the sizes, all depends on what products it is necessary zapressovyvat. Vertical brusok often do on 10-15 mm more thickly horizontal that is convenient for are viscous on a threefold thorn. Diameter of bolts can be reduced considerably, but the screw step should be large not to spend a lot of time for screwing up and unscrewing. It is possible to supply the bottom end of the screw with the mobile emphasis not riveted tightly though and under it it is necessary podkla-dyvat brusochek that at szhime not to damage a surface of stuck together preparation. .

The Most laborious part of work is an insert of a nut. The centre of an aperture for a bolt it is desirable to arrange as it is possible more close to an end face top bruska that it was possible zapressovyvat preparations of the maximum width. But it is necessary to take care and about durability angular are viscous, and it, in turn, will demand to apply more massive bruski., possibly, the point located on distance of two thirds of length cross-section bruska if readout to conduct from an internal edge of the vertical will be optimum. The centre marking is transferred and on a return edge.

The Aperture for a bolt can be drilled or hollowed a narrow chisel, it should be strictly perpendicular, even the small warp of the screw will complicate using a clamp. Sides in an aperture will be made even by a bolt carving if it some times to turn. To expand an aperture it is possible also a round file. The arisen warp can be eliminated an erasure of the corresponding parties, but thus it is necessary to mean that the aperture should correspond to diameter of the screw. At first the screw will be turned with great difficulty then it is possible to grease an aperture and the screw with liquid soap, lubricating oil, the glycerine fused by wax. Gradually in wood the corresponding carving will be developed, the screw will go freely. .

Now, when the aperture is ready, provertyvajut a bolt for all thickness bruska, navertyvajut a nut and outline it on perimetre. Six or tetrahedral dredging for a nut cut down a chisel, it is necessary to try, that the nest corresponded to the size of a nut which is hammered zapodlitso. Now the clamp can be collected on glue and zapressovat. Thus it is necessary to check up internal right angles of a clamp as to correct errors in a finished article difficultly. If for zapressovki at once two angular connections are not present adaptations, it is possible to execute it in two steps.

After drying vjazku it is recommended to strengthen nageljami on glue. nagelej it is enough of two for each corner, they settle down on a diagonal. At first bore through four through apertures in diameter of 5-6 mm for a small clamp and 6-7 mm for the big. Prepare from a firm tree square or pentahedral with sharp sides, but not round, nageli. A material for them it is desirable to pick up firmer, for bruskov from a birch it will be a beech or an oak. One end nagelja slightly point. Nageli should enter into apertures densely, hammer their hammer, without being afraid rastreskivanija bruskov, it should not occur. The acted ends nagelej cut down a chisel. .

It is possible krepit angular connections not two, but four nageljami, but shorter, on two third of thickness bruska. Thus apertures need to be bored through from two parties, having them on crossing diagonals. Such variant, possibly, will be expedient for connections on three thorns. Additional fastening by metal squares on screws as has shown experiment, does not give positive results. Hardly probable justifies itself and additional fastening top and bottom bruskov the steel core which located close to a vertical edge and has been pulled together with a nut.

When all is ready, it is necessary to remove the glue rests, to smooth out surfaces a skin, proolifit, to paint. Will be tidier from the aesthetic point of view to look a clamp if on external sides vertical bruska to make facets, direct or oval. Direct facets can be made on three face sides bottom and top bruskov, but only not on the internal.

If it was not possible to cut down a nest for a nut precisely enough and it is turned, it can be fixed any gluing structure (better silicate) to fill in with an oil paint. Happens that the screw thread rusts, it is recommended to grease it with lubricating oil occasionally.

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