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Manufacturing of a case for a fixing material

The Joiner should deal with small carnations, such, as two fingers it is inconvenient to hold, it is so small. You will not have time to strike on it a hammer, and it already somewhere has jumped aside, on searches time leaves. Conveniently in such cases to use a magnet, any suits from an old loud-speaker. .

And to store nails and screws expediently so that it was possible to find quickly necessary this minute. It is necessary to have a case, superficial jashchichek, divided into cells, in each of which nails or screws of one type and lie the size. It is easy for making of thin plates and slices of any plywood (fig. 20). Its approximate sizes: length 200, width 160, height of 50 mm. Inside the case is partitioned off by partitions in height of 40 mm, forming six cells - for six types of a fixing material.

the Case for screws and nails: 1 - a general view; 2 - preborki

the Case for screws and nails:
1 - a general view; 2 - preborki

By the way, about the sizes. Who has thought of why in a photo the standard sizes 9 X 12, 18 X 24см are accepted? Artists adhere to such parity of the parties also, preparing a canvas and a stretcher for the future picture, the sketch. In a certain parity of height and width are standardised sheets of a drawing paper, screens of TVs, many other things. Parities are selected not casually, not any way, they are caused by features of sight of the person, a structure of his eyes. One sight it is impossible to throw at once all case, if it narrow and long. A picture if its height exceeds width in 3-4 times, it is necessary to consider in parts, from top to down. The knowledge of these laws will induce the joiner to choose the most suitable sizes of the areas for decorative veneering, at designing of hand-made articles from a tree. .

If in a case it is not enough six cells for nails and screws, it is possible to increase the sizes it or to make one more or two jashchichka. The design is clear from fig. 20. But it is possible to make a cover which is put forward or leaning back, better glazed that one sight quickly to define, whether there is in a case a necessary fixing material.

Case Walls match direct through thorns, a bottom plywood on glue and carnations. Partitions fasten from outside a plywood bottom, and it is possible and to cut in their walls, having made grooves.

To Connect a framework of a cover leaning back on loops to a case so that its edges precisely and without warps coincided with a box on all perimetre, - business uneasy. .

But joiners for small products resort to combination of operations. Knit on thorns and I glue one skeleton from which then saw off on length a framework for a cover. Edges raspila smooth out a double plane. Any adjustment of a cover to a box it is not necessary to do any more, combination will be ideal. So produce absolutely identical halves of boxes for draughts and chess, covers of caskets.

For raspila it is required long nozhovka. During a marking of preparations it is necessary to consider an arrangement of thorns and eyes, places of their connections should not have on a line raspila.

  • Manufacturing of a case for a fixing material
  • Manufacturing navesok for a case cover