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Manufacturing of boards

Connection of several bruskov or boards in a board name splachivaniem. There are many ways of a fastening of preparations, but one preliminary operation is obligatory for all variants: edges of preparations should be straight lines, densely, without cracks adjoining one to another on all length. It is reached fugovaniem - planing fugankom. For short preparations it is suitable in house conditions and a plane. Edges in relation to plastjam vystragivajut at right angle. Check make by overlaying of preparations by edges one on another.

And one more indispensable condition. In panel board connections the rule of the right and left parties is visually shown. If to lay boards in a board year layers in one party and in such kind to stick together, it will by all means warp at drying, will take the form of a trough. Any ways of fastening to prevent this natural process it is impossible. Therefore boards stack nearby alternately that the right party upwards left, and wide boards saw on narrow bruski, but also in this case they keep within taking into account an arrangement of year layers.

Stronger in comparison with connection bruskov rectangular and round plug-in thorns, rejkami will be purely glutinous, way in a quarter, a groove, a crest, etc. Somewhat koroblenie thin boards constrains splachivanie on shponkah and with tips (fig. 17). Industrially, where there is a necessary equipment (milling and other machine tools), apply also other ways splachivanija, including on metal steel plates, wire skobah and by means of other mortgage details. .

Splachivanie of boards: 1, 2 - on shponkah; 3 - in a quarter; 4 - in a tip; 5 - on round thorns; 6 - on rectangular thorns

Splachivanie of boards:
1, 2 - on shponkah; 3 - in a quarter; 4 - in a tip; 5 - on round thorns; 6 - on rectangular thorns

For some ways splachivanija the special tool is necessary. Cuts for shponok, having pyramidal section, saw through special nozhovkoj with two handles raised over a cloth, it is called nagradkoj. But grooves in rather narrow boards can be sawn through and an ordinary saw, for this purpose approaches nozhovka with obushkom, intended for exact cross-section pilenija is better. In this case bruski gather dry in a board, are compressed vajmoj, then by means of a ruler on a board lines propilov for grooves which then are cut in everyone bruske separately are marked. Wood sample is made by a chisel.

For more dense prileganija shponki to walls of a groove them do slightly narrowed to one end, on a cone. Depth of a groove should not exceed one third of thickness of a board. For connection in a quarter the plane which is called zenzubelem is required. This tool without a preliminary marking in edges bruskov vystragivajutsja rectangular grooves.

All boards after trial assemblage stick together and zapressovyvajutsja in vajmah. Term of endurance not less than 6 hours.

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  • Manufacturing of boards