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Kazeinovyj glue

In furniture and derevoobrabatyvajushchej the industries mezdrovyj and bone glues almost are completely superseded kazeinovym mainly because it is dissolved in a cold kind, and it is very convenient for working conditions and to the house joiner when glue is necessary immediately and in a small amount.

Other advantage kazeinovogo glue consists that it more water racks, rather than the joiner's. To it promotes entering into its structure izvest. Even more vodostoyoek kazeino-cement glue. kazeinovogo glue it is possible to carry ability of casein to lacks to get gluyoboko during a wood time. At a label of thin decorative plywood kazeinovyj glue acts on obverse poyoverhnosti and leaves on it incorrigible stains. Besides, the dried up glue becomes very firm, at processing of the stuck together details the tool quickly tupitsja. Last circumstance for a mechanical production of great value has no, but the joiner sharpening the tool manually, prefers traditional joiner's glue.

Kazeinovyj glue is produced from a waste of the dairy industry and represents in a dry kind seroyovatyj a powder similar to light cement. razvoyodjat in flat, it is better than it glass, ware cold water at a parity 1 part of a powder on 1-2 parts of water on volume or weight, depending on appointment. For skleyoivanija firm breeds of a tree more liquid structure, for soft - is applied more densely. .

Glue with water carefully continuously mix during 15-20 mines before reception of homogeneous weight without lumps, on the consistence reminding sour cream. After that it is ready to the use. But its safety is in the liquid state insignificant: casein starts to get denser to (dry up) in an hour after drawing up, therefore it plant with water in the small portions. Through 2-3ч the glutinous structure becomes completely unsuitable.

Drawing Receptions kazeinovogo glue on wooden surfaces differ from drawing of bone glue a little. But if the brush with the dried up joiner's glue can be restored, having soaked in hot water at once after work with casein the brush should be washed carefully, otherwise it will become unfit for use.

Duration of drying makes 3-5ч, as much, as well as at use of bone glue.

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