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Joiner's glue

In sale joiner's glue arrives in the form of tiles in size with a chocolate bar or in a kind krupki, reminding buckwheat groats, it is the so-called granulated glue. Colour of tiles and granules testifies to quality of glue: the they are more transparent, the glue is better. .

Joiner's glue is applied exclusively in hot, warmed up till 60-70 ° a kind. As glue cannot be cooked on open fire (having burnt slightly, it becomes unfit for use) for its preparation the water bath (klejanka) is necessary. These are two combined vessels: one bolshego the size, filled with the water, the second the smaller size, here for 10-12 ch before cooking fall asleep the granulated or crushed tiled glue and fill in with boiled water so that it has completely covered dry glue. Various salts, even the salts containing in unboiled water, negatively affect durability of pasting.

Two iron cans of the different sizes can be Vessels for klejanki. Edges of the internal should be on 8-10 mm above that boiling water from the first vessel did not get to glue. Instead of an internal tin it is possible to use a glass jar from under mayonnaise. If it is small on height on a bottom big banks can be put some ceramic tiles. It is possible to raise an internal vessel by means of three-four metal strips soldered or priklepannyh to walls of a tin. To a wall of the big vessel, in that place where the tin forms a seam, attach by means of a bracket and two boltikov the wooden handle. .

On a full warming up (dissolution) of the bulked up glue on a gas torch 10-12 minutes there are enough it is not necessary to lead up glue to boiling, in big bank always should be enough water. Formation on a surface of light foam testifies to low quality of joiner's glue or the water applied to its softening. Foam should be removed, and glue in this case to finish to boiling, high gluing ability will be restored.

The easy film will testify To readiness razogretogo glue to the use and its normal consistence on a surface, similar to those that covers a surface of beginning to boil milk. It is possible to use and cooled down, but the glue which has not thickened yet. .

For a different kind of joiner's works the glutinous solution of various concentration can be demanded. For shipovyh connections, for example, more densely, than for sklejki plywood, a cardboard, a hardboard. It is possible to dissolve too dense glue with water, but necessarily boiled. Usually in klejanke with hot water glue remains quite suitable for use without heating during 1,5-2 ch.

It is not recommended to cook joiner's glue for emergency, in the cooled down kind it loses some share of gluing ability for the third days, and then in general can decay. Before repeated warming up of the hardened glue in it it is necessary to pour a few waters, only moistening a surface. The beginning of rotting of long standing glue is accompanied by formation of a mould in the form of white down on a surface. It is easy for removing, having poured in bank of hot water, through 2 - 3мин the mould emerges, and it should be splashed out together with water. For many works and such glue is still suitable, the exception is made by incrustation and decorative veneering. .

Joiner's glue put on stuck together surfaces a thin layer shchetinnoj or lubjanoj a brush. Last do of a lime bark. lubjanoj sticks steam out one end in boiled water, then bark fibres break a hammer. Such brush is convenient that at a reuse it should not be cleared of the dried up glue, the stick end it is possible to cut off and form a new brush simply. Both brushes are suitable and for other glues.

Joiner's glue (mezdrovyj and bone) is universal. Adding various substances, it can be made not getting thick for a long time, waterproof, suitable for pasting not only a tree, but also other materials.

So if to add all 1 / 50 a glycerine part it will be suitable for skin pasting. And if to bone glue before cooking to add 10% on weight dvuhromovo-sour kalija or 15% of turpentine it becomes more waterproof.

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