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The Way applied at furnish jashchichkov of a tool case - white proveins on a dark background, - is typical way of incrustation by a tree on a tree. Drawing turns out expressive at the expense of contrasts in colour. To incrustation on a tree apply also slices of a bone, metal, marble, a stone, glass, plastic and other materials. Cut out in the form of geometrical or curvilinear figures thin plates of these materials run into a wooden surface on drawing in advance put on it and can form thus intricate ornaments, the whole pictures. .

Hardly probable who did not see in museums beautifully "Ёрёяшёрээ№§" in the way of incrustation ancient lartsov, little tables and other subjects entirely decorated with scenes of hunting, fantastic plots in which straight lines and figures are executed from silver, the nacre, the gilt copper, a brass, an ivory.

Incrustation - business labour-consuming. The way marketri is more rational, known to cabinetmakers from XVII century It consists that type-setting drawing closes all surface of a product, and preparations cut a fret saw or cut out a knife simultaneously with a background. It is necessary to insert the received pieces one into another and to paste on the basis. In such a way it is convenient to do of decorative plywood of different breeds of a tree of the image of colours and the whole bouquets, landscapes, in general drawings, difficult on a configuration. .

Drawing Cutting out simultaneously with a background is carried out as follows. Two sheets of decorative plywood of different colour paste a face sheet on a dense sheet of paper. On one of plywood sheets put drawing. On it by a fret saw also do has spent on drink, but not at right angle, and with some inclination of a cloth of a file which should equal to a double thickness of sheet. In accuracy of performance has spent on drink at an angle and the success secret consists. One drawing at folding should densely, without backlashes to enter into another. At once two complete sets thus turn out, in one of them drawing will have colour of a background of another, and on the contrary. A paper slightly humidify and delete from an obverse surface.

The Received preparations can be put with sheets of other plywood, in the same way to paste from two parties on a paper and to cut on a contour. Operation repeat, the full ornament or a picture will not be formed yet. Set assemblage, pasting of separate parts by paper strips, a label on the basis and all subsequent operations precisely same, as well as at other ways of incrustation.

In way marketri it is possible to apply not only thin decorative plywood, but also plywood stuck together which sheets paint in different colours. .

An incrustation Version are also Indian intarsija, pressing, a stamping, a moulding.

Indian intarsija consists that on a drawing contour cuts into which hardly hammer in thin metal proveins which then cover together with wood a light varnish for the corrosion prevention do.

Pressing and a stamping concern machine ways of furnish and stand more close to a carving and engraving on a tree. With these two ways finish backs and seats so-called Viennese gnutoj furniture, chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, and also children's furniture.

  • Flat woodcarving
  • Openwork woodcarving
  • Relief and sculptural woodcarving
  • the Engraving
  • Incrustation
  • the Burning out
  • Cutting out